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Madison Carson

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How Shared Workspaces Give Your Business an Ecofriendly Advantage

By Madison Carson on 07.02.15

When it comes to choosing a space perfect for your company’s immediate and future needs, a shared office space is an optimal choice. Not only are serviced workspaces convenient for small companies and help entrepreneurs build relationships with a variety of other businesses, but shared offices also offer ecofriendly environments and amenities that reduce your carbon footprint.

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Serviced Workspaces Give Businesses a Professional Presence

By Madison Carson on 06.09.15

Whether your business has been around for years or is just starting out, shared office space can benefit you and your company in many ways. With conference rooms, day offices, reception areas, and business lounges available to your staff on-demand, you can expect your workspace to leave a positive impression on your clients.

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Fix Problems Fast with Crisis Management Planning

By Madison Carson on 05.19.15

Mistakes happen. How prepared is your business for a crisis in the workplace? How proficient are your employees in diffusing a crisis quickly and tactfully?

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Office Initiatives for an Eco-friendly Footprint

By Madison Carson on 04.24.15

With another Earth Day behind us let's keep our planet-saving initiatives moving forward. Washington DC has more conservation efforts than ever and we are happy to do our part working with our buildings to reduce our carbon footprint in the community. Looking for more ways to reduce yours? In the spirit of Earth Day here are some small steps we can all take in our own offices to help ease our impact on the environment. 

Topics: Green Offices
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Spring Clean Your Office for a More Efficient Workday

By Madison Carson on 03.19.15

Spring is approaching and with the new season comes new opportunities. Now is the time to take a fresh look at your “home away from home.” That’s right- the office! More specifically, your office. Are you operating at maximum efficiency? What does your workplace communicate to others about you and more importantly, about your business? By taking a few moments to review these 6 tips, see how we can work together ensuring you and your business will never again be held back by needless clutter.

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Sincerely, Insincere: What Your Email Sign Off Really Means

By Madison Carson on 02.03.15

In today’s ever changing society, the Internet is a prevalent, if not dominant part of our everyday lives; and with this, so are emails. It is estimated that over 100 trillion emails are sent per year- that’s a lot of online communication! How many of these are first impressions, introductions, or business proposals? What is it you are communicating, or not communicating, through a simple and impersonal sign off? I believe it’s time that the ever present “Thanks” meet its end!

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How to Stay Warm and Dry During Your Commute

By Madison Carson on 12.19.14

Some mornings you walk outside and it's a beautiful day, other mornings not so much. For those foul weather wintry days, a little extra planning can help you arrive at the office in one business-ready piece. No matter what the weather is outside, here are a few key tips to keep you ahead of the game: 

Traffic and Metro problems can strike anytime with any weather; make sure you have an alternate route in case something gets jammed. If at all possible make sure your primary form of transportation isn’t your only form of transportation. Download a few apps to help plan various routes to the office or find a radio station with consistent weather and traffic updates to keep up while you’re driving.


A familiar friend to all of us in the DC area, rain can easily dampen your day. Keep an umbrella in your bag or desk drawer for unexpected showers and choose shoes that won’t get ruined when wet. If your commute requires a fair amount of walking, investing in some rain boots and a waterproof rain jacket aren’t bad ideas either. For our more self-assured commuters- a poncho is also an efficient way to keep the rain off, however I can’t promise style points will be granted.
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All Work and No Play? How Our Workspaces Enhance Your Day

By Madison Carson on 12.04.14

You’re sitting at your desk, the phone rings a few dozen times and a few dozen more. Finally you just have to find a change in scenery. Where is there to go you may ask? Why not visit our putting green or the meditation room? And if that doesn't help chase away the work week blues, you could even hit the gym at one of our centers conveniently located throughout Washington DC. Fitness amenities and fun escapes from the daily grind are just a few examples of how we’ve purposed our office spaces with you in mind. Click the button below to find out more!

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