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Get Free Tickets to "EdgeTalks: Peak Performance Mindset Workshop!"

By Sara Bucknam on 05.17.17

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Navigate Office Dining & Drinking Like a Pro

By Sara Bucknam on 06.01.16

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In a country where only one in three workers take a lunch break (away from their desks) it’s easy to forget basic dining etiquette when on the job. It’s even easier to forget how to carry ourselves at happy hours or out of office meals with the team in a work culture where socialization and work-life balance often go to the wayside.

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Read This Before Booking a Hotel for Your Next Corporate Event

By Sara Bucknam on 02.10.16

While hotels and convention centers have long been used by businesses for large seminars and meetings, business centers are rapidly becoming the first choice of venue for a wide variety of professional events. Why? Cost, support staff, and customizable packages are the most often cited reasons for heading to a business center; particularly among small businesses.

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How a Virtual Office Saves Your Company Money

By Sara Bucknam on 03.12.15

In the process of deciding whether or not to take your business from idea to startup, there is much to consider beyond your concept. In a competitive city like Washington, DC, small business startups are increasing rapidly, and first impressions are critical. So how do you create this environment for your startup without emptying your bank account? A virtual office may be the perfect solution, and comes at only a fraction of the cost of full-time office space. 

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West End Office Special- Two Month's Rent Free!

By Sara Bucknam on 02.10.13

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A Mobile Storm in the Cloud [Infographic]

By Sara Bucknam on 07.06.12

mobile cloud computing growth
According to Engine Yard, a leading provider of PaaS (Platform as a Service), by 2015 mobile application development projects targeting smartphones and tablets will outnumber native PC projects by a ratio of 4 to 1. Innovation in mobile is imperative, and there’s a need for tools that enable businesses to innovate quickly. Many cloud computing technologies–like Engine Yard’s Platform as a Service–have enabled developers and businesses to focus on application innovation. The infographic below illustrates their findings:

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