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How Best to Avoid Wintertime Illness in the Office


Changing leaves and brisk air are signs of fall and winter seasons. These days call for warm drinks, cozy clothes, and spending more hours inside. Unfortunately spending so much time in a shared space also means sharing germs. As cases of colds, flu, pneumonia, and other ailments increase over the winter months your work environment can become a breeding ground for illness.

There are too many wonderful fall and winter activities and events to be bedridden by a cold or the flu! Here are a few simple tips and reminders to help you, your co-workers, and your office space stay infection-free this season.


Exercise Often

Not only can exercising help you stay fit, staying active can alleviate the stress cold seasons tend to impose on the body. Every day make it a priority to exercise or stretch; keeping your blood pumping will maximize performance throughout the day. Consider spending a few minutes of your lunch break taking a brisk walk around the block; not only will the activity help you stay energized but spending a portion of each day in the sunshine can diminish season depression as well. Getting up for another cup of coffee or a glass of water counts too! A few minutes away from your desk can keep your joints loose and help you regain focus.

Eat Well

When you can’t take a break for a quick stretch or walk, eating healthy and cold-fighting foods can help strengthen your immune system. Drinking lots of water and taking vitamins will help fend off illness. Eating foods high in zinc, such as oysters, or citrus fruits high in vitamin C helps boost the immune system too. Vibrant and leafy greens contain vitamins and minerals that help your body fend off infection. Make sure to eat balanced meals in between those peppermint mochas! 

Keep Surfaces Sanitized

On top of staying active and eating a healthy diet, keeping your home and office clean can play a huge role in keeping you and your family healthy this flu season. Cleanliness in the workspace not only benefits your and your family but your colleagues and their families as well. Consider workplace cleanliness a team initiative and equip your colleagues to stay healthy. Use Hand-sanitizing wipes on keyboards, desktops, and phones. Wash your hands throughout the day especially after using public transportation. Avoid spreading germs by covering your mouth with the crook of your elbow when you cough or sneeze.

No matter what time of year it is here at Advantedge Business Centers, we care about your health. We'll do our part to make your office environment as clean and healthy as possible. Let’s stay healthy this fall and winter so we can spend time with our loved ones, get our work done, and enjoy the day.

To find out more about the measures we're taking to keep our clients healthy at AdvantEdge Business Centers click the link below. Schedule a tour with us and find out how we're combating office illness. 

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Written by Reymar Delos Santos

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