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Are you Having Enough Fun? Balancing Work and Play in the Office


AdvantEdge-ShootoutMuch has been made of the work life balance, but what about balancing work and play while at the office? Is there a way to mesh these two ideas that boosts productivity? How much distraction is too much?  The truth is that a lot depends on the culture of your company and the nature of your work, but the bottom line is that introducing a bit of fun can often give employees an extra jolt and help keep them more focused overall.

Less work is more productivity

The notion that taking time from the day to play games can increase output is counter-intuitive on its face, but the same philosophy that applies to working from home and limiting time spent working applies here. Often times employees who spend longer hours on the job are getting less return on the hours they spend, and the grind of a lengthy work-filled schedule that doesn’t leave room for other activities can be a drain on the whole. Offering employees a place in the office to have a bit of fun and infuse some playfulness into the daily routine can lead to more focused workers when they head back to their desk.

Finding the right outlet

What types of activities are right for your office? Again, this is somewhat subjective depending on the nature of your work and the culture of your company. Not everyone can handle the noise of a ping pong table, and maybe a foosball table is just too competitive. More subdued options include installing an artificial putting green or, if you have the space, a pool table. Even something as low-key as a massage chair can give staff a chance to relax and unwind, and help give a lift to the general mood of the office.

Employers are placing more emphasis on keeping employees healthy and happy both in and out of the office, and rightly so. Happy workers lead to better results, and keeping people that way includes more than just making sure people get enough vacation time. Adding fun or relaxing options right in the office can help everyone stay positive and help improve the overall quality of work.

Learn More!

AdvantEdge seeks to cultivate active and positive workplace communities in all of our office locations. From social events to putting greens to massage chairs, we create spaces that cater to the whole individual. Our goal is to help each one of our clients be more productive, and providing outlets for fun in our spaces, we help make sure that the mood is light and the output is high. Click above to learn more about us.

Written by AdvantEdge

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