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Want to Become a Digital Nomad? This Is What You Need



The workforce is changing rapidly. More people are moving to freelance work, switching their workspaces to coworking, and some are even ditching the concept of a desk altogether. The later is a new trend that people refer to as being a digital nomad. They are people whose work does not require a set location. They can work wherever, whenever, and all they need is a laptop.

While the end goal for many digital nomads is to travel the world, the essence of the movement is to work free of any specific location. This could mean working from home and being able to move whenever you want, traveling around the country, or just desiring a non-traditional job with flexible hours. Being location-independent is a lifestyle. For those who are craving something outside of a nine to five office life, then being a digital nomad is for you.


The key to being a digital nomad is being able to generate income from any location. Most nomads do online or freelance work, such as graphic design, website development, or photography. While some work for companies with physical locations, many fly solo, which gives one the ultimate freedom.

There are many challenges to being a business of one, and those challenges only multiple once you factor in a nomadic lifestyle. A secure wifi signal should not be hard to find, but what about other things that may come up? What if someone needs to mail you a check? Or asks for an address? As much as you may want to say “the world” as your address, in the end, it is not a practical business option. This is where a virtual office in a serviced workspace comes in. Living an office-free life does not always mean you won’t have traditional office needs. Call answering can be helpful when you’re on the road or in a place without phone service. A professional mailing address adds legitimacy to any business (not to mention practicality should you need something mailed). Voicemail to email services, call forwarding, and a private phone number all make the freelance life a bit easier. No more late night calls to your cell or having to dance around the question of “where is your office?”


At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we can provide all the aforementioned services to virtual clients. These services pair perfectly with the digital nomad lifestyle. You still have the freedom to work wherever, but your business still retains the benefits of having a physical location. Let us help you make the transition to the nomad life with our stellar services! As an AdvantEdge virtual client, no matter where you are in the world, you’ll always have a home for your work and will never be alone in growing your business. Pack your suitcase, open your laptop, do your work, and let us handle the other details. Click here to learn more about our virtual client experience!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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