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Being Intentional With Technology At Work



October is National Cybersecurity Month, giving us a great reason to not only talk about safety but also how to approach technology in the office. We use our computers and phones without a second thought- but isn't it time to be more intentional with our technology? Technology can ultimately impact the success of a business, and one must harness its power to work for their business.

1. Protect

Cybersecurity is the foundation of all business technology. If your tech isn’t protected, your business isn’t either. Invest in anti-virus/malware prevention services and have an IT professional on-call should anything ever go wrong.

Arm the business with services that help protect and keep employees smart. Use password aggregators like LastPass to encrypt company-wide passwords and ensure accounts stay streamlined. Provide laptops instead of desktops, making it easier for people to work from home and to resist using company services on personal computers.

To take your protection to the next level, send test phishing emails to ensure employees won’t fall for a scammer’s bait. You can incentivize reporting by providing a gift card or other reward when people recognize and call out the emails.

2. Optimize

The key to getting the most out of technology at work is that you can’t be afraid of new platforms or change. Chances are, there is a current system that is holding the business back from reaching its full potential through tech.

There are endless services designed to streamline and save your business money in the process. Test out bookkeeping software, payroll management, email platforms, website managers, social media aggregators... If there is a need, there is way to solve it through the right tech platforms. Products can make a real impact on the function of your business, so your research, take a lot of test drives, and don’t be afraid to implement something new!

3. Grow and be Flexible

You need technology that will adapt and continue to serve efficiently as the needs and wants of your business change. As more employees are on-boarded, Google Suite or Sharepoint ensure documents and practices are accessible to everyone (no more sending emails with 10 attachments!).

Daily tech tools inform what type of work experience you can provide to employees. Is it easy to take work on the go? Are systems user-friendly? Is everything compatible with different types of devices? At the end of the day, you need tech that causes minimal frustrations while meeting everyone’s needs.

Not only should your business be intentional with tech, but your workspace should be as well. AdvantEdge Workspaces is known for its top-tier technology and meeting rooms that are wired for compatibility with whatever device and service are thrown our way. Like the technology you use, we aim to be a workspace that provides efficient and top-tier service- come check us out today!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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