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Business #Hacks- The 7 Best GTD Smartphone Apps!


At AdvantEdge, we’re constantly free_gtd_apps.jpg exploring innovative ways to manage our schedule and organize our day. While we used to be confined to the tools that could physically fit on a desk (your rolodex, your calendar, your calculator, your mimeograph), the technological revolution utterly changed the way we work. The right tool makes every task easier so hacking your workday is as simple as equipping yourself with the tools you need to succeed. The following smartphone apps are guaranteed to fix any persisting problems plaguing your office life. Plus, as an added bonus, they’re all free!


Apps-Evernote-icon.pngEverNote is an essential workplace organization app with an ever-growing arsenal of features. You can take notes, record meetings, draw graphs, organize bills & invoices, clip web images and sync to-do lists with all your devices. EverNote is a 98.6 MB personal assistant that will change the way you tackle assignments.


camcard_logo.pngDigitize your business card collection with CamCard, a free app that imports all the information directly into your e-mail and phone contact list via your device’s camera. CamCard lets you add notes to each scanned card for easy business-related reminders and can recognize 17 languages. Don’t have your own card on hand? Exchange e-cards wirelessly. CamCards brother app, CamScanner, utilizes the same useful technology for document scanning and sharing.


hootsuite-icon-16295.pngHave an upcoming social media campaign? Manage multiple accounts on multiple platforms from one easy to navigate dashboard. With Hootsuite, you can easily access personal and corporate accounts from a single app and even schedule automatic posts throughout the day or week.


addappt-logo.pngWhen one of your friends, coworkers or business contacts changes their contact information, they either send out a note advising you to update your address book or they don’t causing your e-mails to be unseen and your calls unreturned. Annoying right? That’s where Addappt comes in. Now, your contact’s information can be updated automatically on your device. It even remembers and shows you how certain people prefer to be contacted.           


venmo_logo-1.pngVenmo is essential for entrepreneurs seeking to simply their finances. Just link a personal or corporate bank account to the app and you can pay or reimburse employees with the touch of a button.

Blue Jeans Network

bluejeans_logo.pngBlueJeans is a remarkable service that lets companies carry out video conferences even when everyone is using a different system, which happens all the time! Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize TelePresence, Microsoft Lync, Skype, this app even lets you join in from your iPhone.


icon175x175.jpegPerfect for anyone who gets paid for the amount of hours they spend on a task, HoursTracker is the highest rated, most user-friendly time recorder in the App Store. It allows you to incorporate breaks and can even sync to your to-do list with geo-fencing capabilities. Then, with the push of a button, send your hours and get paid.

Written by Griffin Suber

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