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Can Having a Dog Improve Your Workday?



Last Wednesday was #NationalDogDay, and we celebrated everything that we love about our furry friends (as if we need an excuse)! While everyone adores their canine companions, did you know that having a dog may be able to improve your workday? A study from USC shows that having a four-legged roommate can decrease stress and increase happiness and productivity. Although many people have already seen working from home as the perfect time to get a pet, there are still opportunities to adopt or foster. Are you on the fence or have a partner who needs convincing? Here are three ways a dog can help improve your remote work experience:

1. Emotional Support

A dog can truly be your best friend, providing unconditional love, support, and entertainment. For those who live alone, having a companion (even non-human) provides comfort at home. If you have a family, taking care of the pet can be something that brings everyone together during the day. While we miss the support of our work families, having a dog around to curl up on the couch with or to give you a big smile can help turn even the toughest day at the home office around.

2. Let’s Get Physical

Living in the city, it is likely that you don’t have a large backyard, meaning your pup will need ample time walking around the neighborhood and frolicking at the dog park. Even on days where motivation is lacking, your pet will force you to get up and get the blood pumping. A morning walk is healthy for both of you and a great way to start the day! Needing to take the dog out is also the perfect excuse to get up from your laptop and zone out from work for fifteen minutes. Plus, during a time where it’s so hard to connect with others, dogs provide a natural ice breaker for meeting neighbors down the street or new people at the dog park.

3. Stay On Schedule

Working from home with a pet does have its challenges. Unexpected video chat appearances, barking at a package delivery, or seeking attention while the human is on a deadline can be just some of the struggles of sharing your workspace with a dog. However, the pros outweigh the cons and having a schedule can be the key to a peaceful workday. While staying at home, many people miss the routines that came with commuting, attending workout classes, social events, and more. A dog can help you build a new schedule centered around walks and playtime, creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself and creating boundaries for your dog. Pet-related tasks can help break up your day and overall promote better work/life balance.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our pets are members of the family, and we couldn’t imagine work from home life without them. How does your furry friend help you through the workday? Let us know in the comments!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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