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Celebrating a Century of National Parks


Last week, the nation’s National Park Servicenational-mall.jpg turned 100 capping off a century of
conservation, recreation, and historic preservation. Without our national parks, the District of Colombia would feel less like a historical hometown and more like a place where interns congregate in the summer. The District’s unique parks provide a balance to the city, they provide lush green spaces and attractive waterways in a city of marble and monuments. From forests to colonial homes, the National Parks of the District are accessible before work or after and are a stone’s throw from the city’s major business centers.

King of DC’s parks is the National Mall which houses the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the WWII Memorial. Millions of tourists visit the Mall every year but for residents, its glory is simply part of the commute. Located just a 10 minute walk from AdvantEdge’s L Street offices, the Mall provides the perfect backdrop for business lunches and after-work runs. Also, casually in the area, sits the White House and a bevy of Smithsonian galleries.

If the National Mall is Washington’s tribute to America’s history, then Rock Creek Park is its tribute to America’s natural beauty. Stretching from the borders of Georgetown to the frontier of Maryland, Rock Creek contains hiking trails, dog parks, the National Zoo, biking paths, waterfalls and preserved colonial architecture. It is DC’s outdoor haven and the perfect place to get lost or BBQ on the weekend. Conveniently located within walking distance of AdvantEdge’s Chevy Chase location, Rock Creek Park is the ideal place to unwind after work.

For a complete list of Washington’s National Parks consult the National Park Service’s website.

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Written by Griffin Suber

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