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Celebrate Small Business Month!


May is Small Business Month, but at AdvantEdge we celebrate and support small businesses each and every day! We know what it takes to keep a small business running on a day-to-day basis and to succeed in the long run; that’s because we are a small business ourselves!

AdvantEdge was founded over 30 years ago in Washington, DC with the goal of creating a comfortable and professional environment with the infrastructure for entrepreneurs and small business owners in our community to thrive.  Here are 5 reasons it is crucial for all of us to support small, local businesses and 5 easy ways to put that into practice.

Why it is important to support small, local businesses:

1. Supporting small businesses will build your local economy. 

Small businesses are more likely to collaborate and partner with other small businesses in the community, this means that your hard-earned money stays closer to home and creates ripple effects that help strengthen the economic fabric in your city or neighborhood. 

2. Small businesses care about their communities.

Independent small businesses are much more likely to contribute to the local community with sponsorships and charity events than large chains and international corporations. When local businesses thrive, they give back to help their local communities thrive as well!

3. It’s good for the environment.

Because small businesses tend to have more of a local focus, they are able to operate with a smaller carbon footprint than their larger competitors. For example, a national restaurant chain may be shipping ingredients, uniforms, and furniture from all over the country, while an independent local restaurant is more likely to buy tables and chairs nearby, have a local manufacturer print their T-shirts, and establish a partnership with a local farm.

4. They help you stand out from the crowd.

Local businesses often offer unique products and services that can’t be found in big box stores and chains. Being smaller allows these businesses to put a more personal touch into their products, and they are not being mass-produced, which gives you a better chance of finding that jacket that no one else has!

5. Relationships!

When you support small local businesses, you are supporting your neighbors, parents of your kids’ little league teammates, and members of your religious community. These ties go beyond a simple business transaction, they encourage business owners and employees to provide great hands-on service and encourage you to return to these businesses over and over again.

Easy ways to support small, local businesses:

1. Be a customer.

This one is pretty obvious! Look for local, independent businesses that provide an alternative source for products or services that you may be used to seeking out from larger corporations.

2. Interact Online.

By writing reviews and recommendations, YOU are the best promotional tool your favorite local business could ask for. If there is a small business near you that has the best muffins or does an awesome job rotating your tires, let the World know!

3. Entertain yourself in your community.

Go to local theaters, buy art from local painters, and listen to local bands. Artists are part of your local economy too, and they provide a unique flavor that helps to express what makes your community special.

4. Gossip.

In a nice way of course! When you visit a new local business that you really love recommend it to your friends, or bring them along with you the next time you go. This goes both ways, the next time you are heading out to make a purchase, ask a friend to recommend a local business.

5. Entertain.

Walk around your community and see if there are any businesses you haven’t been to or heard of before. Local blogs and magazines are other good ways to keep up with changes in your local economy.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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