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Close Out the Year With a Shared Workspace



It is hard to believe, but 2021 is coming to a close. The first full year working in the “new normal” of the pandemic brought a lot of challenges and triumphs at the office. This year has certainly been unique as people went back to their routines or discovered new ones. In a shared workspace like AdvantEdge, here's how you can close out the year strong:

1. Schedule Critical Meetings 

Now is the time to schedule those important meetings before the holidays are in full swing. In a shared workspace, you have access to a variety of meeting room spaces for any needs. Scheduling is easy and a team is on hand to welcome guests. Set up the space in whatever manner necessary. From the latest tech to modern accommodations, take your meetings to the next level. 

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2. Celebrate Wins 

Take time at the end of the year to celebrate your team’s successes! Not only will it boost spirits, but taking time to recognize achievements is integral to growth and increasing morale. Host a team lunch, have a happy hour in the lounge, or take off for a fun activity. Recognition can be as simple as writing out words on a card or as complex as a full-day team outing. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to express thanks to the team and reflect on all the good that happened in 2021! 

3. Prepare for Time Off 

The hardest part of the holidays can actually be leaving the office. In a shared workspace, checking out of the office is a breeze! Even if you are on vacation, your business stays running thanks to amenities and client services coordinators. Click here to learn more about how the services at AdvantEdge Workspaces can help you prepare for the holidays. 


4. Plan for 2022 

Before checking out for the holidays, ensure you are ready to hit the ground running with your business in January. Instead of pushing projects to 2022, complete them now so that you have a clean slate. Plan out the first month or quarter with goals, major deliverables, and tasks. Creating a game plan will also help alleviate post-holiday blues and anxiety about returning to the office. Put everything in your calendar and write out your to-do list ahead of time. 

The end of the year can be a chaotic, yet exciting time. Holidays are near, and the promise of a fresh start is the perfect motivation to finish out the year strong. With amenities and support, a shared workspace like AdvantEdge can help you close out the year on a high note! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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