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Apples and Oranges: Comparing Full-service Office Providers


This blog post is part 3 of a series dedicated to helping you find the right office for your business. Follow the links here to read part 1 and part 2.

Searching for office space doesn’t have to be a hassle. Once you have visited a few centers and received proposals it’s time to compare your options. Comparing office options can seem like apples and oranges but with a little attention to detail you can weed through the verbiage and find the right office. Here are a few specifics to look out for when choosing an office space:


Lots of business centers provide flexible lease terms to adapt to today’s small businesses, but oftentimes there may be restrictions or penalties for leaving a serviced office space later on. Look at the fine print and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Providers should be upfront with you about what they offer and how they can adapt offerings to suit your business’s needs. If you anticipate your company will grow over the next year ask the provider how they have grown with other businesses and what the protocols are for taking on more space mid-term.

Hidden Fees

Make sure all the numbers match up. Is the number the salesperson quoted you the price for everything your business needs? Many providers only quote monthly rates for the office space and furniture to make prices seem low. In reality, businesses are expected to pay the baseline office cost plus additional fees for technology packages, conference room access, utilities, maintenance and more! Ask the provider for a full list of all additional “a la carte” fees that may be incurred with extra services and make sure these extra costs fit within your budget.

Customer Service

Think back to the people you met on your tours. Did you get a chance to see staff working with other businesses or did you have a moment to ask anybody how they liked their service there? Did other businesses seem happy to be there? It is worth the time to look up each center online and read a few reviews. An office can be beautiful, but if working with the provider hinders your company’s day to day operations you’ve wasted your time and money.

Here at AdvantEdge we’re up front about our pricing, our amenities, and our customer service. With clients that stick with us year after year we strive to create a welcoming office environment where our customized office solutions can help each business grow. Give us a call at (202)448-1010 or submit your information through the link below to speak with us about how your business can be successful at AdvantEdge!

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Written by Jennifer Vitek

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