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Read This Before Booking a Hotel for Your Next Corporate Event


training-room-save-money-blog-image.jpgWhile hotels and convention centers have long been used by businesses for large seminars and meetings, business centers are rapidly becoming the first choice of venue for a wide variety of professional events. Why? Cost, support staff, and customizable packages are the most often cited reasons for heading to a business center; particularly among small businesses.


Hosting a training, large meeting, or corporate seminar at a business center instead of a hotel can cut costs by as much as 50%. Business centers often offer all-inclusive rates, which makes budgeting for an event simpler and more transparent. On the other hand, hotels are known to have many additional fees in addition to the room rental rate. Among the most common of these:

  • Food and beverage: Hotels often require that you utilize their catering services if you wish to offer a meal and/or refreshments at your event. Costs are typically calculated on a per-person basis and can add a significant amount to your bill.
  • WiFi access: The daily fee for access to WiFi during an event hosted at a hotel can run anywhere from $150-$500 per day (hotelplanner.com). Business centers typically include this in their room rental rate.
  • Technology: Unlike business centers, hotels generally do not have A/V equipment and other technologies built into their rooms. Instead, the necessary technology is offered as an add-on service for an hourly or daily fee. This includes projectors and screens, laptop connectivity for presentations, power outlets, etc.
  • Service charges: From food and beverage to A/V equipment, it is common for hotels to charge a 20% fee in addition to the service itself.

Hotels have been known to offer low initial rates, to get customers in the door, only to attach mandatory fees for necessities. When selecting a venue for your next large business event, be sure to look beyond the room rental rate when comparing pricing.

Specialized Support Staff

As opposed to hotel employees, Client Service Coordinators found in Business Centers specialize in office professionalism as well as hospitality. Beyond simple room preparation, Client Service Coordinators are expertly trained in setting up telecommunications, providing technical support, supplying full beverage service and arranging any desired catering needs. They handle all the planning and administrative responsibilities (copying, faxing, phone calls, etc.) freeing you to focus on what matters most, your business.

Customizable Packages

Whether you’re hosting a simple meeting, a luxury fundraiser or a more technically-reliant employee training session, the flexibility of a business center provides a multitude of amenities included in the rate of the room rental. State of the art technologies are pre-built into the wide variety of rooms, eliminating the need for complicated setup and pricey service charges. Unlike hotels, Business Center conference rooms are priced by the hour, or by the day, whatever fits your needs. From large glass suites with a view to a cozier, more collaborative space, Business Centers offer unique spaces which can be serviced as robustly, or discretely, as you desire.

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Written by Sara Bucknam

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