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Coworking Is the Solution To Work From Home Fatigue



Has your home office lost its appeal? Do you wake up feeling uninspired to sit at your desk? If so, you are likely in a work-from-home rut, unable to return to your typical office or to switch it up by sitting in a coffee shop for a few hours. Enter in coworking: a solution that will get you out of the house and elevate your working experience. Renting a desk for a day provides a much-needed change of scenery and offers access to workspace amenities that home offices typically lack, such as printing stations or phone booths for private calls.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we refer to coworking as pro-working. Why? Because our spaces are designed to foster productivity and create an environment conducive to getting things done. When you reserve a spot, you are entering a workspace that aims to help you reach your fullest potential at work. Stay for a day, a week, or even months and find out why pro-working at AdvantEdge is the solution to work from home fatigue.

1. Safety First


The initial purpose of working from home was to keep everyone safe. Now, you can return to work knowing that spaces like AdvantEdge make your personal health a priority. Masks are required in all common areas, new contactless features have been installed (such as faucets in the lounge areas), hand sanitizing stations are abundant, and pro-working desks are distanced. When you come into work, expect to remain socially distanced, but to still feel the warmth of the workspace community.

2. Enjoy Amenities

Home offices are great, but it’s hard to build up the same level of amenities at home that you had in the workspace. When you reserve a desk at AdvantEdge, you can access to services that you may have missed over the past seven months. A full-service print station is available, as well as a variety of other common areas to work in, ranging from lounges to rooftops. Should you need to hold a meeting, a variety of conference rooms are just steps away, and sleek reception areas send a professional message to any guests. If you need assistance, client services coordinators are on-hand to answer any questions. Additionally, you can upgrade to call-answering and mail reception. In a shared workspace, you can create a custom experience that works for you!

3. Reserve With Confidence


These are uncertain times, and you may not know what your life will look like in a year or even a month from now. Flexible rental terms enable you to enjoy a shared workspace without making a long term commitment. Reserve a spot for a day, and if it is right for you, try out a dedicated spot for a few months. Come and go on whatever days work best for you without worrying about missing your seat. Leave your items in our secure spaces so that you don’t have to pack up at 5 PM and bring everything home. Pro-working is designed to make sense for you, and the AdvantEdge team will happily walk you through all options.

4. Return to Normal

Although no one really knows what “normal” means anymore, spending time in a shared workspace offers a glimpse back into pre-pandemic life. Walking into a professional space, brewing a fresh cup of coffee, putting on business casual clothes, and just having physical separation from your home and personal lives can help bring us back to our former routines. These rituals, no matter how small, can have a true impact on your day. AdvantEdge Workspaces has been serving our clients safely in this new normal for months. We understand just how important an office space can be for our clients right now.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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