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Creative solutions create work-life balance


Running a business can run you ragged. When you're tired and stressed both your business and personal life suffer. This is why it's so important to maintain a proper work-life balance. Striking the right work-life balance is easier than it seems. Here are some simple steps that can help get you find your way to equilibrium.

1. Know your work-to-life ratio

Where does your work-life balance stand today? You can't fix something unless you know where it's broken. Take inventory of how much time you spend at the office, sleeping, running errands and relaxing-what do the results indicate? CNN's work-life balance calculator will show you exactly how well you're juggling different areas of your life.

2. "Edit yourself"

Do you really enjoy all of your social activities? Does taking on all those projects at work really further your career? You're probably doing a number of things that don't necessarily add value to your personal or professional life. Cut out things that aren't necessary, and don't be afraid to say no to things you can't do or don't enjoy. Focus and be productive while you're at work so you don't need to stay late or take tasks home. Keep a record of your daily agenda so you can keep track of daunting tasks and look forward to enjoyable events. Separate work time from personal time and don't let one take over the other.

3. Create Time

Today's technology and multitude of administrative support services can help you add precious hours to your day. More employers are offering options like telecommuting and flex time that eliminate the daily commute and allow more time for leisure. If you run your own business consider establishing a virtual office or moving to an executive suite to lighten your load. Swap your chores and errands with friends and neighbors. Offer to drop off a friend's dry cleaning if they pick up a few groceries for you. A little bit of creative thinking can go a long way in terms of saving time and achieving your optimal work-life balance!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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