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Data Security at Work: What You Need to Know


Today is National Data Privacy day, meaning it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your cybersecurity at work! In the office, projects can move so fast that it’s difficult to make sure everything is secure. To protect yourself and your business, take steps today to ensure your professional data stays in the right hands and gives you, and others you work with, the piece of mind that their information is not at risk.

1. Utilize a Secure Space

The first step to data security is working in a space where you know the networks are secure. Coffee shops or libraries with public wifi aren't designed for sensitive information, making shared workspace solutions the best choice for someone who requires security but still wants a communal environment. Overall, you'll want to find an office space that is looking out for your data as much as your business!

2. Get Others Invested

Keep people on their toes by routinely sending out test notifications and phishing emails. Those who report something suspicious can be rewarded with a small gift card, while those who readily click on potentially fraudulent links can receive extra education on better tech habits. With education comes power, so don’t be afraid to schedule workshops or send out information to ensure everyone feels secure in what’s safe and what’s not while online at work.

3. Invest in Security Systems

Computer security is a business decision that should be made without cutting corners Do not be afraid to invest in data security measures. Just as one pays for car insurance, you need insurance for your sensitive professional information. Many security programs will offer free trials, tutorials, or even will connect you with a local consultant to explain the product in person. Shop around and then make the best decision based on company size, the number of devices, and needs.

4. Back It Up

...All-day, every day! Backing up data is integral to protecting your work against any cyber attack or breach. Install systems that will automatically back up on a schedule. Store important material on an external hard drive as well as a cloud-based service for extra protection. Despite all security measures, you never know when a hacker may get the best of you.

5. Limit Access

While working remotely is an integral part of the changing office landscape, there are certain precautions to take when leaving your desk. Ditch the desktop and move to a laptop with a monitor so that data security will follow wherever you go! Additionally, enable two-step verification to prevent hacking on phones and personal devices for accessing email while on the road.

This National Data Security day, take the necessary steps to begin the journey to protected technology at work. Planning now will pay off in the long run, and you’ll want the best security service and trusted workspace to continue your hard work and keep your data safe!



Written by Juliana Levinson

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