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4 Facts About Coworking That Will Help You Ditch Your Cubicle


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At this point, you’ve probably heard a lot about coworking. From seeing sleek photos online to friends posting about the latest cool coworking space event... admit it, you’ve probably thought about making the switch yourself. Using a shared workspace is more than just open layouts or community events. It is about your space helping you reach your fullest potential. If you're on the fence about ditching your cubicle, here are four facts about coworking to help you realize that anyone can make the switch!

1. There could be 5.1 million coworkers by 2022

In 2017, there were 1.7 million people who classified themselves as members of a coworking space. Research from the Global Coworking Unconference Conference shows that the number of coworkers will grow at a rate of 24.2% per year. Coworking is now more than just a place for startups. With millions of coworkers, you’re amongst lawyers, doctors, nonprofits, and more.

2. 70% of people feel healthier

In a survey conducted by Deskmag, 70% of respondents said they felt healthier in their coworking space. This finding can be attributed to the flexible and open nature of the spaces. With so many shared areas and amenities, it’s easier to incorporate movement into your day.


3. Flying solo at work is on the rise

By 2020, 40% of the workforce is expected to be either freelancers, temps, independent contractors, or solo entrepreneurs. More than ever, people are turning away from 9-5 jobs and taking control of their schedules and work life. A coworking space makes life easy for this type of worker. If you’re considering going solo in your career or are looking for a professional space for your side hustle, a coworking space will have the flexibility to meet your needs and provide the right solution.

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4. 60% of people are more relaxed at home

Coworking and shared workspaces are a huge change from the typical cubicle environment. It’s no surprise that the change in environment manifests itself at home. With a more flexible, relaxed, and helpful workspace, you’ll have less stress to take home with you at the end of the day. Be sure to pick a space that offers reception, call answering, and mail services. That way, you can focus on your job and spend less time throughout the day on administrative tasks.

All survey results and research point to the same conclusion: coworking is here to stay and it is growing. Coworking fits today’s workforce trends. It even makes people feel happier and healthier! Will you come be a part of the shift in workspaces and ditch your cubicle for good? At AdvantEdge Workspaces we have something for everyone. From private offices to suites to meeting rooms, we’ve got you covered. Whether your a coworking veteran or just recently said goodbye to your cubicle, we can help your business reach its fullest potential. Click here to visit one of our locations today!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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