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Do you Have the "Next" Office Space?


As executives seek to cut costs and maximize returns for their investors during the global economic crisis, the wellbeing of their workers at the office is being forgotten!  In an interconnected world, your office space should be a reflection of the global economy where ideas and solutions flow freely between people and across barriers.  With the advent of mobile communication technology, employees are now more physically mobile than ever. Even though we could theoretically work nowadays alone from our couch (and in our pajamas), people are not machines!  We are a social species who need interaction to live healthy personal lives.  So why not transfer that concept to the design of your office space?

According to 360steelcase.com this modern and collective approach to office space creates “… a better place for people to work that enhances collaboration and innovation, attracts and engages workers, strengthens the organization’s brand and culture – and optimizes the company’s real estate investment.”  

The way the world does business and communicates has changed: just look at the meteoric rise of email and social media marketing.  Furthermore, “A recent IBM study of human resource executives found that 80 percent of organizations want workers to collaborate more.”
Ultimately this message rings true: “Space influences behavior, so if you want people to share information, collaborate better and innovate more, you have to invest in the kinds of spaces that help them do that …”

AdvantEdge Business Centers is keeping this collective message in mind as we wrap up the design of the business lounge and co-working space at our brand new 2101 L Street center.  We’ve attempted to blend conventional office design with a more interconnected space that will please both traditionalists and mobile workers, whether you’re an established law firm or new age entrepreneur.

It needs to be acknowledged, however, that “one-size-fits all” solutions don’t necessarily work for everyone when it comes to interconnected office space.  Businesses need to take into account their specific goals and needs before evaluating whether an open co-working space would suit their employees.  So check out the full article here and see if your business is ready for the “next” office!

Special thanks to Steelcase for being an inspiration for what our "future office" looks and feels like. We look forward to furnishing our new space with their innovative products!

Written by Trey Jones

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