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Don't Let Springtime Allergies Get in Your Way


cherry-blossoms-2-blog-photoWith spring and the cherry blossoms in full swing in the DMV area, so is allergy season. With nearly 50% of Americans suffering from seasonal allergies every day, many are looking for ways to alleviate their symptoms. Here are a few helpful tips to help put a stop to seasonal allergies so that you can breathe easy and enjoy the beauty DC can offer!

Eat Local

Studies have recently proven that if you eat local honey, it can help to combat seasonal allergies. The bees transfer pollen from flower blossoms to honey, so if you eat a little honey every day you'll gradually become immunized against the irritating effects of pollen. Add honey to your tea or use honey instead of sugar in your morning coffee to add a little boost to your morning buzz.

Clean Your Electronics

Similar to preventing colds and the flu, wiping down your telephone handset and everyday electronics and help reduce allergens in your office. Washing jackets, scarves, and sweaters frequently will also reduce your exposure to allergens and prevent symptoms from flaring up.

Shower Each Day

A steaming hot shower can soothe sinuses and clear nasal passages temporarily. Additionally it will help to remove allergens clinging from your skin and hair keeping allergens from your commute from overstaying their welcome. Washing your hands frequently throughout the day can also reduce allergens that you pick up from hard surfaces.

Try Spicy Foods

Active Ingredients in food like Wasabi and Garlic based spices can provide a temporary decongestant effect. Venture out of the office to have lunch with a colleague and pick a spicy dish on the menu. With sunshine and warm weather, why not try somewhere new?!

While many of us struggle with springtime allergies, following these tips can reduce your exposure to allergens and help boost your immune system to prevent stuffy noses and sinus pressure. Combat allergies throughout the work week so that you can spend your weekends outside visiting the cherry blossoms, Smithsonian museums, or one of the many local events that DC has to offer this season.

Written by Hannah Libby

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