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Why You Don't Need as Much Square Footage as You Think


Office-AdvantEdge-320pxOpen plan workspaces aren't just the fashionable trend, they're a smart way for companies to fit more workers into the same amount of rentable space.  Ever since the "great recession" in 2008, the average square foot per employee has diminished by at least 25%. Smaller spaces and less square footage means smaller fixed costs for companies and more collaborative workspaces for employees. To that end, sharing workspace with other companies in a serviced office means getting the benefits of a cohesive office space that reduces cost without sacrificing amenities and available services.

Shared spaces keep money in your account

Working in a shared office environment versus a traditional style space means that your businesses can focus on finding the perfect workspace for your employees and not have to worry about where to put hallways, conference rooms, and general office configuration. With business centers and shared office environments not only is the layout and construction already taken care of, but sharing the square footage of conference, reception, and kitchen spaces across multiple companies lowers your individual share of the cost.

Instead of housing a ten person company in 2,000 square feet to account for multiple offices, hallways, kitchens, and conference spaces, shared office environments can comfortably house the same ten person company in 700 square feet with access to these same spaces. With added services such as high speed Internet access, phone answering, and building amenities included in the monthly rate, businesses can keep both their workspace and services costs down. Looking at it another way, a single shared conference room can avoid having to take on the liability of another 300 square feet!

Flexible spaces, less moving

Occasionally need extra space to accommodate temporary staff, interns, or out of town associates? Shared office spaces provide a variety of community spaces through business lounges, conference rooms, flex offices, and other gathering areas for overflow employees. These areas can also provide your workers with a choice as to how they wish to work. Collaborative spaces are just down the hall from traditional conference rooms. The diversity in workspaces along with lease flexibility offered by executive suites also means that when you need to expand you can do so at a moment's notice and at your own pace. From single offices to custom suites, businesses in shared office environments can expand seamlessly over multiple months or years without having to move to a new address.

If your business is looking to trim unnecessary costs while still maintaining flexibility for business growth or changing needs, shared office space is a cost effective way to get what your business needs immediately and keep options open for the future. Avoiding unnecessary spending with underutilized square footage can bring down costs and immediately give your company more resources to achieve your goals. Click below to find out how to get started in shared space with AdvantEdge!

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Written by Jennifer Vitek

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