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Easy Ways to Customize Your Business



As a small business, you are always looking to stand out and offer the best service and experience possible to clients. In a big cookie-cutter office space, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. If you’re feeling lost amongst a sea of white walls and cubicles, it is time to add some customized services and personal touches. Professional call answering, addresses, and websites aren’t just for larger operations. Everyone needs to stand out from the crowd. Here are five ways to customize your business! 

1. Blank Walls Be Gone

You don’t need to own your office space to spruce it up! Rent space where you can make changes to best suit your business. Click here for four simple ways to decorate an office, from a fresh coat of paint to functional furniture. 

Lets find your dream office!

2. Personalized Call Answering 

“One size fits all” is never the case when it comes to small businesses. Personalized, live reception service can elevate your professional presence. With call answering in a shared workspace, you get the benefits of a personal receptionist without the added cost. Learn more about options here

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3. Love Logos 

A logo is how you identify your business to the world! Everyone needs a logo for brand recognition, but they are also the best way to customize tools and products. Branded notepads or promo items are great gifts for employees, clients, and guests. Affix your logo to the window or door of the workspace to make your area stand out. Logos are also great to add to social media pages, email signatures, and documents to build a cohesive business identity. 

4. Unique Address

In a shared workspace, you can receive an address that is uniquely yours! Mail services are a way to customize a business to make it easier for clients and others to reach you. Check out more about AdvantEdge’s mail services here.

5. Meet & Greet 

Want to ensure that everyone who comes to your office space has a personalized interaction? In a serviced workspace, front desk staff can greet your guests by name and serve as the first impression for your business. You can even provide instructions and materials ahead of time so that guests are greeted with a branded experience right away. For meetings, you can add personal touches to rooms by broadcasting logos and customizing set-up ahead of time. 


The best way to customize your business? Work at AdvantEdge Workspaces! Offering all of the personalized services you need to thrive, there is no better place to be. The workspace and community may be shared, but your business will still stand out and receive the individualized attention you need. Click below to learn more about AdvantEdge amenities and perks! 


Written by Juliana Levinson

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