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How Shared Workspaces Give Your Business an Ecofriendly Advantage


ecofriendly-blog-7-2When it comes to choosing a space perfect for your company’s immediate and future needs, a shared office space is an optimal choice. Not only are serviced workspaces convenient for small companies and help entrepreneurs build relationships with a variety of other businesses, but shared offices also offer ecofriendly environments and amenities that reduce your carbon footprint.

Recycling Programs

Serviced workspaces have comprehensive recycling programs making it easy to reduce waste in your office. Be it paper, plastic, glass- even toner cartridges and batteries- collaborative recycling with other small businesses saves energy and prevents excessive use of supplies. Here at AdvantEdge, each of our suites have designated recycling bins for paper, plastic and more! Recyclable waste is then collected and disposed of properly.

Monitoring Electricity and Water Usage

Most shared office spaces have low emission energy systems and fixtures to optimize electricity and water conservation. Motion sensor lights with compact florescent bulbs and low flow faucets save energy and reduce environmental impact. In our executive suites clients enjoy these energy saving fixtures as well as lots of natural light throughout the workspace.

Less Space, Less Waste

By working together alongside other professionals, not only are you increasing your productivity and maximizing networking opportunities, but you're also helping the environment! Heating and air conditioning systems release gas emissions and use incredible amounts of electricity, not to mention all of the electricity needed to power computers, fax machines, copiers, etc. Buildings that aren't designed with Mother Earth in mind use up to double the amount of electricity compared to LEED and Energy Star rated properties. It goes without saying that by sharing office space we are able to ease the footprint of big business.

Eco-Friendly Amenities Available Everyday

Our Energy Star rated and LEED certified buildings prioritize energy efficient systems that reduce environmental impact. As a staff managing each workspace, we also make sure that our glasses, mugs, plates and silverware are clean and able to be used in place of wasteful disposable dishes. Need to file important documents? Our convenient 3 in 1 printers can make hardcopy files electronic for easier storage and less clutter. When printing is necessary, these machines are equipped to print pages double sided to minimize paper waste. Taking advantage of amenities like these helps us recycle more and waste less. 

There are many, many ways we can be environmentally conscious in our office lives. Taking care of the planet is everyone’s job, and offering comprehensive sustainability programs through shared office space is our contribution. To learn more about how you can reduce your footprint with ecofriendly offices at our centers click the button below.

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Written by Madison Carson

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