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Enjoy Spring Break (Even if You Don’t Have One)



Who didn’t look forward to spring break as a student? A much-needed reprieve of fun and relaxation amidst a hectic semester and (typically) dreary weather. As an adult, the gap between the President’s Day and Memorial Day holidays can feel like a long slog. This year, reclaim your spring break- even if you don’t have one. Whether taking PTO or adjusting your usual routine, it is time for a necessary break. 

1. Switch Up Scenery 

Even if a sunny isle isn’t in your future, any change of scenery can make a difference. With many companies offering remote/hybrid work, it’s never been easier to escape somewhere else. Consider a trip to visit family or friends, a long weekend in a nearby city, or a staycation in a local hotel. If leaving home isn’t feasible, take your work to a coffee shop, outdoor setting, or grab a pro-working desk at AdvantEdge Workspaces for a new view. 

2. Get Some Sun 

Spring break is synonymous with some vitamin D. Weather during this time of year can be unpredictable, and while March in DC is often warm, winter can come roaring back. Now is the perfect time for a getaway in the sun! With short direct flights to numerous Sun Belt destinations, slipping away for the weekend is a breeze. Have to stay in town? Try to up your outdoor time with a daily walk or switch a lunch reservation to a patio. 

3. Relax 

Declare any week your “spring break” and dedicate it to some rest and relaxation. Take a personal day to go on a day trip, pamper yourself, catch up on personal tasks, or sit on the couch with the latest Netflix show! If you can’t take a day off, work in some self-care before and after work hours. Make a nice dinner reservation, sleep in, and take a rideshare to work versus public transit.

4. Hit the Town 

What is a spring break without a little party? While you may not have the energy to go all out during the workweek, try to get out of your comfort zone and let loose! Hit up a trivia night, karaoke, or a local happy hour with coworkers. 

5. Get Support at the Office 

In a shared workspace, it is easy to make your spring break dreams come true. You can be on vacation, but your business doesn’t have to be! From a week-long jaunt to an afternoon OOO, AdvantEdge Workspaces keeps your work in tip-top shape and ready for your return. Learn more about our services here, and get in some fun and relaxation without checking emails this spring season. 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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