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Break Free of Writer's Block and Foster Creativity


Do you ever find yourself stuck in a rut saying “hey, creativity, remember me?!” Working in a fast paced, high tech environment can be challenging when it comes to thinking outside the box. Having to promote your business using various mediums such as print ads, internet search sites and social media promotions, can dry up the flow of ideas for even the most creative minds. How can we push through when we hit that mental roadblock?  Here are a few tips to get that river of creativity running again.

    • Do not feel guilty for failures: it is part of the creative process.  In a board meeting or teleconference some team members may be afraid to express an out-of-the-box idea for fear of being shot down.  It may indeed be rejected, but at least you’re beginning the flow of ideas and creativity.
    • Take a break: If you can’t think, step outside the office space and go for a walk. A change of scenery is good for the brain.  You can take a break from the office environment all together and work from an online virtual office while enjoying some fresh air at home in your backyard.  The shift in routine will definitely help to turn the page.
    •  Collect inspiration along the way:  Always carry a notebook, tablet and/or camera around with you.  If you see something beautiful and inspirational, capture it!  If the half-price pot roast at the grocery sparks an idea, stop and write it down. These things can be used the following work day when called upon to write something in a flash. Sometimes inspiration doesn’t find you, you have to go find it.
    • Great writers read great writing: Reading is an absolute way to foster creativity in your writing.  Reading can expand your vocabulary and introduce new techniques for presenting a topic or idea.  Lots of new things can be discovered by reading.
    • Rid yourself of distractions and log off: The internet is a wonderful tool as well as a great distraction.  Viral videos and social networking can easily take your attention away from work. You may have to disable the internet temporarily to focus on the mission at hand!

If all else fails, simply forget the fact that you’re in a shared office space and there are people in the next cubicle: just dance! A little jig always helps to get the juices flowing.

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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