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Everyday Ways to Give Thanks at Work


giving-thanks-at-work-blog-image.jpgAh, Thanksgiving... pie, football, endless questions from relatives about your love life... or even the familiar feeling of wishing you had worn stretch pants to dinner.


We often forget the purpose of the holiday we are celebrating: to give thanks. Giving thanks is more than saying “thanks” to people. There are many ways we incorporate giving thanks and gratitude into our daily lives- especially at the workplace, where we spend the majority of our time. And what better time to start than during the holiday season? Check out these easy ways to give thanks at the office.

1. All good deeds add up - big and small

Offer to grab someone a coffee, bring them a snack or bring in a treat for the whole office or your team. In an office environment- especially competitive ones- it is important to take yourself out of “work mode” and do something thoughtful. A random act of kindness can take two minutes to do but will leave a lasting impact.

2. Create meaningful connections

We forget that our coworkers are people with lives outside of the office. Take the time to have a meaningful conversation with a co-worker. You’ll get a deeper sense of who they are as a person and may even make a new friend!

3. Be generous with praise

You don’t need to spend money to make someone’s day. If a co-worker did a great job on a presentation, send them a note. Or, give a shout out to a co-worker on LinkedIn for their hard work. Recognizing someone’s work or even their new hairstyle is an easy way to brighten their day.

4. Think positive

The space you work in is a perfect place to start incorporating gratitude. Print out some of your favorite quotes and post them on your desk. Every time you see it, you’ll smile. If you’re not one for interior design, write down a daily affirmation on a post-it note. Place it on a desk or computer as a daily reminder of what you are thankful for.

No matter how you choose to give thanks every day, know that it has a ripple effect on those around you. Each person has the ability to influence their work environment by simply adding in these easy ways to give thanks. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we foster a strong sense of community among those who work here and give thanks to our clients through events and small acts of kindness. Check out advantedgebc.com to learn more about our work and meeting spaces!

Or, Contact Us to learn how you can join our community.

Written by Juliana Levinson

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