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Expand Your Space on Demand!


grow-office-spaceCompanies are always trying to find new ways to be smart about the liability of workspace, and increasingly traditional leasing options are becoming a hassle of the past. Shared office space may have been taboo a decade ago, but in recent years collaborative workspace has become the hallmark of savvy startups thanks to noncommittal terms and a number of added perks.

With benefits and services molded to companies in their “right now” phases of growth, space at AdvantEdge is hard to pass up - here are a few reasons we think you’ll agree.

Maximum Flexibility

How to save money without cutting corners is at the top of every list when searching for the perfect workspace. With a flexible, tailor-made lease built to fit your company’s needs and budget, AdvantEdge allows you to take only the space you need and not pay for space up-front just to keep it available down the road.

Expand on demand and save yourself the process of address change, dreaded business card modifications, and everything else that comes standard with a lock-in lease. By positioning yourself in a business center like AdvantEdge, when the time comes to grow your team and further build your vision, you always have the ability to expand on demand.

Everyday Networking

Having open community areas in a shared office space help to break down conversation barriers. This isn’t just great for water cooler talk, but gives you the chance to build real relationships with other businesses who can help partner with you or provide your business with a valuable service.

Whether it’s a part of one of our structured networking events hosted by AdvantEdge, or a chance encounter in one of our business lounges, everything from friendships to strategic partnerships emerge right there in your everyday workspace. Networking becomes organic and meaningful- the way it should be!

The Ultimate in Client Service

With over 30 years of service and unmatched customer experience with thousands of businesses, we understand that your clients and their needs are paramount. At a moment’s notice, our Client Services Coordinators are available to answer and assist with calls and guests on your behalf and as an extension of your company.

We don’t operate just as an answering service, and everything from call flow to visitor procedure can be customized to fit the spirit of your company or organization. The space is shared, but your business is unique, and we go out of our way to ensure that our staff functions with the same professionalism you would ask of your own staff.

Regardless of your business type or current size, we pride ourselves in bringing you the best possible customer service experience in a fantastic workspace community with flexible terms. If you’re searching for great workspace in Washington DC that lets you scale on your own timeline, click the button to see more of what we can offer you!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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