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Fall For Your Workspace This Season



As the weather turns and the sun sets earlier, it is time to embrace a new season at work. October is the perfect time to move on from summer and “fall” in love again with your workspace! Whether you’ve been in your space for three months or three years, it can be tiring seeing the same things and people every day. During the warmer months, it’s easy to focus on long weekends, lunches spent outside, and leaving the office for the beach on Fridays. However, there is just as much to look forward to in the fall. Here are four ways to refresh your workspace this season! 

1. Bring in Nature

There are many benefits of looking at greenery throughout the day, which include feeling happier and more grounded. Adding plants is easy! Head to your local shop or grocery store and pick out a plant that matches your lifestyle. Only in the workspace once a week? Stick with low-maintenance succulents. Ready to turn your office into a greenhouse? Purchase a larger plant that you can nurture. No matter how you work, there is a plant for you. 


2. Change Your Perspective

Change your perspective… literally! Just having a different viewpoint from your desk can make the office feel brand new. If you’re short on space, try moving around chairs or cabinets. Another way to change your perspective is to add new elements, such as a colorful throw pillow or a piece of art on your wall.

3. Step Outside of the Comfort Zone

After a year filled with so much time at home, this is the season for finally getting out of your comfort zone. Coming back into the office safely means you have time to meet new people, forge connections at networking events, and finally chat in person with colleagues who have lived on Zoom for the past year. Take time this fall to focus on building new professional relationships! 

4. Embrace the Season

The weather may be cooler, but fall is just as fun as summer. Take advantage of cooler temperatures to go for a brisk walk outside while taking a call, or treat yourself to your favorite fall-themed beverage in the morning. You can also use the season for socializing, such as hosting an autumnal happy hour, pumpkin carving contest, or a spirit week (such as wearing NFL team apparel on Monday or dressing up for Halloween). 


It’s easy to fall in love again with your workspace at AdvantEdge! Our flexible spaces allow you to refresh your office whenever you need to. Community events help form new connections and maintain old ones. With a shared workspace, going to the office never gets boring! Tour our spaces today and see how you can fall in love with your workspace at AdvantEdge.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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