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Five Reasons You've Outgrown Your Home Office


Let’s face it, if we could all be as productive dressed in sweatpants with our laptops at our kitchen tables the office world wouldn’t be what it is today. However, the right professional office environment fosters productivity, efficiency, collaboration, and inspiration serving as a launch pad for start-up business success.


Perhaps your business isn’t big enough quite yet to afford a full time office space? Not to worry! Business centers and executive suites provide virtual office options that are inexpensive while bringing your company up to a professional level. Below are 6 areas where having a virtual office space improves your start-up business:

  1. Work Environment:

    Working from home is convenient, and until now running your start-up from your home office may have worked just fine, but a home environment will never be quite as productive as a professional office. Staying at home breeds constant reminders of the need to finish the laundry or unload the dishwasher which can detract from focusing on your business goals. Business centers and executive suites provide virtual office packages that give you the flexibility to use a focused work environment fostering a distraction free work zone.

  2. Making an Impression:

    Collaborative meetings are an essential part of the creative business process today. Business centers and executive suites with virtual office packages provide state of the art meeting spaces and friendly service to help you make the best impression on your guests. With meeting rooms and training rooms available for reservation on-demand there is no need to worry about interferences common in coffee shops and other public spaces. Meeting clients in a professional environment can help you make that critical impression you need to get ahead in today’s business markets.

  3. Better Balance:

    Having a virtual office with a business center or executive suite provides the opportunity to separate business and personal life, which can reduce stress and boost creativity while minimizing procrastination. A professional business address from a virtual office package can help establish a balance between home and work life as your business grows.

  4. Professional Support:

    Virtual office packages that come complete with reception services and personalized phone greetings give a professional feel to your business presence. Professional services from mail forwarding to administrative assistance can also give you the support you need at a moment’s notice, and only for as long as you need it.

  5. Collaborative Community:

    Sharing space with other small business maximizes organic networking opportunities. Executive suites and business centers establish communities within their centers that foster business partnerships and learning experiences from the variety of businesses that use their office space.


    Find a Virtual Office in Washington, DC



With all the amenities and services of a full-time office at just a portion of the cost, virtual office packages are the most efficient and cost effective move a small business can make to leave the cluttered environment of a home office. Through networking, on-site staff, and the convenience of professional support and infrastructure, virtual offices supply small businesses with necessary foundations for future growth.

Written by Jennifer Vitek

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