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Get Organized at the Office



Today is Get Organized Day, a day dedicated to encouraging people to clean up and transform their spaces. The organization process is more than just storage containers and nice labels. It is essential to how we function! One’s level of organization can have dramatic impacts on their daily life. For example, being disorganized at work can lead to increased frustration and more time spent on meaningless tasks, like looking for a document. With an organized workspace, you have more time for prioritizing tasks and feeling calmer in the space. To celebrate today, we have four easy ways you can get organized in the office!


1. Start with a Clean Slate 

Before diving into an organizing session, start with a clean slate. Throw away the trash, pick things up off the floor, and tidy up surfaces. Beginning with a fresh space will help you focus on the organization tasks at hand. Not sure where to start? We have 10 ways to spring clean your workspace.

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2. Use the Right Pieces 

After cleaning, you’ll have a better sense of what you need to organize. Storage systems, furniture, boxes- the number of pieces available online are endless. Starting with a clean space where you can visualize everything that needs to be organized is a great way to ensure you are buying the right things, and not just spending money on items that will not serve you in the office. 

3. Implement a System

There are countless resources and systems online to help you stay organized. You do not have to be alone in figuring out what to do! Two systems for the workspace were popularized through Netflix shows: the KonMari method from “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” and The Home Edit from “Get Organized with the Home Edit.” Learn more about how you can spark joy with organization here and discover more about the total Home Edit method here. From digital organization to your physical space, you will learn that everything needs to have a place. 

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4. Keep it Up

One of the difficult parts of staying organized can be keeping things neat. How many of us have spent hours putting everything in its place, only for the system to be thrown out the window the next week? The best organization system is the one that you will be able to maintain. Put time on your calendar each week to tidy up. Five minutes at the end of the day deleting emails from your inbox, 10 minutes on Friday to file away papers… it all adds up! These small habits will help you maintain an organized workspace for the rest of 2022. 

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our clean, modern, and trendy spaces are perfect for staying organized. With a support team, furniture options, and areas for storage, you’ll have the workspace you’ve always dreamed of. Come learn more about our spaces today! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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