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5 Ways to Give Back as a Team



“Holiday season” at work typically means decorations in the lobby, office parties, too many holiday cookies and several gift baskets from clients and colleagues. But this season should be so much more than dealing with an overserved coworker at the holiday party or helping yourself to another gingerbread man that Mary from HR made. It is time to spread holiday cheer at work through giving back (instead of more cookies, as delicious as they may be). We tend to view giving as an individual activity- either we donate money or volunteer for a personally meaningful cause. However, giving can be equally as meaningful when it brings people together. Shake up the holiday season at work with these five easy ways to give back together!

1. “Adopt” A Family in Need

You’ll already be hitting the stores to find gifts for family and friends- why not add one more for a child in need? There are many organizations, like the Salvation Army, that will pair your office with a child or family who otherwise would not be able to receive holiday gifts. It is an easy way to make a huge difference in a child’s holiday.


2. Holiday Card Party

Is your office crafty? Or short on free time? Then host a holiday card party for your office. All you need are some supplies, pens and a community in need of some holiday cheer. Check out local nursing homes, refugee resettlement communities or organizations that work with military families for places to send cards.


3. Get out in the Community

Office bonding and giving back is a perfect combination to kick off the holiday season. Volunteer an hour of the work day to a soup kitchen, help a charity organize donations, or spend time with those who are confined to nursing homes.

4. Donation Drive

Throughout the entire holiday season, collect goods for a local organization. Depending on what is convenient, you can organize a drive for toys, canned goods, products for animal shelters or clothing. With a donation drive, your coworkers can contribute when they can, and at the end everyone can gather together to drop off the donations.

5. Donate Your Skills

Every professional has valuable skills to offer. From financial literacy to coding to acing a job interview- chances are people in your company have a lot to teach others. Gather some of your coworkers and donate time to a local youth organization or program for adults re-entering the workforce. The best part about giving back with your skills? You can continue giving back this way year round.

All of these options are sure to bring holiday cheer to the office! Giving back at work brings everyone together to make a difference in the community and is an excellent new tradition to start.

Every year, AdvantEdge Workspaces participates in a building-wide Toys for Tots drive that brings together the entire office to ensure children in need have holiday gifts. Building community and a culture of giving back is something that we at AdvantEdge Workspaces pride ourselves on. Contact us to learn more about joining our community of like-minded professionals!

Topics: Office Events

Written by Juliana Levinson

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