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Going Green Tips for the Office!


Author: Gabrielle Jones

You live a green life. You recycle, use filtered water, and energy-conserving light bulbs at home, but what about in the office? AdvantEdge is proud to say that all three of our Washington, DC office space locations are LEED certified, and we take green initiatives seriously. While we’re not saying that you should embark on a zero-carbon quest like Google, we do know (and believe) that it’s actually not that difficult to “Go Green” if you utilize your available resources.

Are you interested in green office space in Washington, DC? Contact AdvantEdge today by calling 202-448-1010.

Our Green Tips for the Office

If you want your office to be environmentally friendly and efficient, follow our green tips for the office:

Use a Mug – Americans use 14.4 billion disposal cups for their coffee each year, according to the University of Nevada. Whether your company provides them or you bring your own from home, using re-useable mugs and glasses is an easy way to go green and save money. You can even use re-usable to-go cups at your favorite coffee houses these days.

Clean-up Your Commute – There are so many options for reducing the carbon footprint made by your commute: carpooling, biking, taking public transit, telecommuting, or investing in a fuel-efficient car. You don’t have to totally change your life—just try adding one or two telecommuting days a month to your work schedule or biking to work during the spring and fall.

Buy a Plant – Indoor air quality is a problem that’s often overlooked in an office. Particularly during intense summer heat (like what we’ve been experiencing in Washington recently) when indoor pollutants can thrive and cause health problems. Simple house plants improve air quality while brightening your mood, making you work more efficiently, and ultimately using less energy. The benefits are three-fold!

Upgrade Your Paper – First, be diligent about using the recycle bins your office provides and encourage others to use them as well. Then, consider using unbleached paper made from recycled materials because a great deal more energy and chemical resources are used just to recycle traditional white paper. Finally, always print double-sided and digitize files whenever you can—you can save so many trees this way.

Optimize Your Energy Use – Another great green tip for the office is to optimize your energy use. That means turning off the lights in the evening, keeping temperatures between 70 – 75 degrees, and turning off the AC or heat when people aren’t in the building (over the weekend, holidays, evenings, etc.). You can save a lot of money on your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint—it’s a win-win!

Find Office Space in DC for Your Green Office Today

Whether you’re looking for more green tips for the office or you want to find out how you can get prime office space in DC for your sustainable business, call AdvantEdge! You can take a tour of any of our three locations at your convenience—contact us today.

Written by Trey Jones

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