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Grow with Confidence: Flexible Options that Work for You


blog-image-7-14One of the primary objectives of any small business is to grow and expand in a way that supports both your employees and clients alike. How can you make sure your business has the correct resources to accommodate such growth? Expansion means more employees. More employees means more space, more offices, desks, chairs, the list goes on. Shared executive office spaces grant you and your business the freedom to expand at your own rate without the pressures of committing to a long-term lease. Here at AdvantEdge, our team works closely with you day in and day out to make sure your business’s needs are met to the highest standards.

The key to long term business success if flexibility, a concept that we pride ourselves on. In our 25 years of serving small and large business alike, across a wide range of industries, our biggest sources of pride have stemmed from working with companies who have grown from single person offices to large private office suites. We provide flexible options big and small for any business and we have many companies that have added spaces and amenities within months of their first year with us. Regardless of what stage of development your business is currently in, our staff understands that internal change is inevitable. Our goal is to remain flexible and make any and all transitions as smooth as possible.

Our team works closely with you to adjust the terms of your agreement, look into the availability of alternative office space options, or even help to personally customize your office to best fit your needs. Additionally, our Client Services staff is on-site every day to assist with any administrative needs you may have such as setting up new phone lines and welcoming new employees, to customized telephone answering services and assitance with printing and mail services. Growth creates demand for services and amenities that you may not have realized were necessary before. This is where we step in and make sure that all the smaller nuances of your business’s development are taken care of so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

If you’re interested in learning more about how AdvantEdge can help your business reach its highest potential, click the button below to schedule a tour at any one of our three DC locations!

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Written by Lee Rolandi

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