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All About that Space: A "No Trouble" Guide to Finding Your Next Office


Office space in Washington DC isn’t hard to come by, but it can be difficult to find the


perfect space for your business. With a range of workspaces from virtual offices, co-working centers, short term serviced offices, and long term non-serviced offices available, and a vast array of neighborhoods offering various perks for small businesses, the task of finding your business a new home can be daunting. If you’re overwhelmed, have no idea where to start, or need some advice to help narrow down your options check out the four places you should be looking for office space:

1.    Commercial Real Estate Brokers:

Brokers, both local and online, know the in’s and out’s of the industry, as well as what’s available in a specific area. Your broker might have unique relationships with specific buildings or property managers that could open doors you never would have known about. While they can be pricey, brokers help office space providers find you so that you don’t have to go looking for them.

2.    Craigslist:

You can buy anything on Craigslist- cars, housewares, toys, collectibles, and even office space! As a free resource for both shoppers and office space providers, Craigslist allows you to search specific criteria and contact providers directly. Posts are updated 24/7 ensuring that the latest listings are available to view anytime, but you will need to do a lot of the research on your own to determine if the property is a good fit.

3.    Referrals:

Asking friends and colleagues for referrals is oftentimes the best way to find a trustworthy office provider. Whether your co-workers cousin found space with an executive suite in Washington, DC or your sister-in-law runs a business in an office in Virginia, referrals and recommendations are the easiest way to narrow down the sea of options. Personal testimonies from current clients can also shed light on a space’s personality and functionality long before you move in.

4.    Flyers, newspapers, and local community boards:

These days print ads are nearly obsolete with the rise of smart phones and smart search engines, however, you can still find listings on community boards at your favorite coffee shops and classified ads in newspapers. If you’re looking for a small space in a specific neighborhood you might find a few gems by searching outside the Internet.

Find Office Space in Washington, DC

Weeding through office choices can be overwhelming, but searching in specific places can help you find a few options appropriate for your business. Office providers are happy to answer questions and provide supplemental information, many providers having decades of industry experience in Washington DC. Once you have found a few spaces that could potentially accommodate your business it is important to set up tours! Check back to our blog in the coming weeks for more advice on how to get the most out of an office space tour, how to compare office options before making a decision, and how to move your business from your old space into your new home.

Written by Jennifer Vitek

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