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Body and Soul: How Shared Space Helps You Stay Healthy


Sitting in the same oDowntown--Fitness-center-1ffice space all day, ever day, can make it abundantly clear why finding an environment that strikes a balance between productivity and comfort is crucial to the health of your employees and your business. As employees feel more obligated to be “plugged in” and “contactable” outside of the normal 9-5 routine, it is also critical for a business to find meaningful ways to promote the physical and mental health of its employees outside of the office as well. Shared office spaces and the ever-growing number of amenities they can provide are one solution that can keep your company happy and healthy without sacrificing efficiency.

Shared office spaces are flexible enough to provide a wide range of working environments to help make your staff feel comfortable. Common areas allow workers to socialize with one another and move around, helping to boost energy and overall happiness levels. Meanwhile, smaller, individual spaces grant others the ability to take a short reprieve from others and “recharge”. By offering your employees the options of both larger, communal spaces in which they can collaborate with others, as well as smaller, private spaces for a quick phone call or a much-needed break from the computer screen, you are helping your employees thrive in a more natural and pleasing environment.

Providing a healthy workspace is more than just cutting down on snacks in the break room, and encompasses both the psychological and physical impact of working in the same- sometimes relatively confined- spaces day after day. Luckily, shared office spaces can provide you with many avenues to stay active and keep the blood flowing. Many offices provide gym access to their tenants, which can be taken advantage of at any hour either by yourself or with a new fitness buddy you might have met over in the breakroom. And at AdvantEdge, we feature a putting green and massage chair to help get people moving about and thinking about their well-being.

A key indicator of a company’s performance is employee satisfaction, which in large part can be determined by the wellness of employees. As we drive for more productivity and work longer hours in doing so, it becomes increasingly important that companies look after the overall health of their staff Shared offices are designed to cater to these needs and nurture a happy and healthy lifestyle. To find out more about how AdvantEdge can help your company thrive in its own unique way, feel free to call any one of our three locations.

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Written by Lee Rolandi

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