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Healthy Habits for Professional Success!


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Our lives are filled with appointments, to-do lists, errands, and calls; there's one crucial thing you need to accomplish all of these tasks... yourself! Taking care of your mind and body shouldn't feel like it's pulling you away from taking care of business, in fact, these are very closely tied to one another.

Create your own daily routine for self-care, and watch yourself become more positive and productive in your professional life!


Break a Sweat

Whether you're a gym rat or would rather take a walk around your neighborhood, getting your body moving in the morning can be a huge boost for the rest of your day. Multiple studies have demonstrated that a little cardio and weight training before breakfast can brighten your disposition for the day and is more beneficial than evening work outs. Kick start your metabolism into calorie burning mode in the morning and get a fresh start for a productive and positive workday!


Eat Smart

It goes by many names but there’s really only one word needed for the crash most of us experience after lunch: unproductive. Needing an extra cup or two of coffee at three in the afternoon is not a good sign, and it certainly isn’t healthy. The crash is due to a surge of glucose which gives us about 20 minutes of alertness before causing us to daydream about 5 o’ clock and our couches. This can be avoided by maintaining steady glucose levels through smaller, smarter meals and a few substantial snacks, such as a banana.

An additional and somewhat counterintuitive method is to take a longer lunch break. This will give you extra time to properly digest your food and leave you less likely to settle for the first fast food joint closest to your workplace.


Schedule Smarter!

There’s always a better way you could be spending your time. Whether it’s reading instead of watching TV or planning instead of rushing, the successful operate with purpose and organization. This is not to say all your time should be spent working, in fact the opposite is true. Setting goals and accomplishing what needs to be done in a timely manner frees you from unhealthy stress and spending valuable recharge time on work. 

The key to all of these techniques laid out by successful and wealthy individuals comes down to balance. Overeating, oversleeping and overworking can provide the instant gratifications we crave but ultimately set us up for worse footing down the road. Stop hitting the snooze button on your health put yourself on a path to success!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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