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Productive Habits for Successful Professionals


Is your daily schedule so full of meetings, appointments, and errands that you can't find a moment for self-care? Unfortunately, in today's society, most of us prioritize completing our to-do list rather than maintaining healthy lifestyles. This doesn't have to be a binary choice. Yes, you can still be super productive and efficient without totally neglecting your personal wellbeing! With the use of some planning, time management, and discipline, you can reconcile your routine to take care of yourself and your work responsibilities in a positive manner.

Here are a few simple changes that could make a big difference in your work-life balance:

Time is money!

You're careful about spending money, but do you put as much thought into how you are spending your time? This doesn't mean you need to suddenly take up a new hobby or give away your TV, being conscientious of how you are spending your time is the first step. Even slight adjustments like reading for an hour instead of watching TV or taking fifteen minutes to plan your day the night before can help you be a lot more productive and positive. Setting goals and accomplishing what needs to be done in a timely manner frees you from unhealthy stress and gives you valuable time to recharge. Many of the most successful people, regardless of their field of work, maintain meditation or mindfulness practices as key components of their daily lives.

Get Going Bright and Early!

One staple of the fit and the flourishing is the acclaimed early morning workout. Multiple studies have shown that physical training in the morning can brighten your disposition for the day and is more beneficial than evening workouts. You can start off by squeezing in a little cardio and weight training before breakfast.  Our testosterone levels are much higher when we wake up than later in the day, so a little sunrise lifting is a smart way to take advantage of peak hormone levels and kick start your metabolism into calorie-burning mode. Also, by making exercise the first item on your agenda each day, you're guaranteed to cross that off of your to-do list without trying to rush to fit it in after work. 

Food is Fuel!

If you usually need an extra cup of coffee or two to get you through the afternoon, that's probably a sign that your diet isn't quite as healthy as it could be. Your lunch break is a time to focus on yourself and to treat yourself to something tasty and nutritious, but you don't want to be left without energy or motivation in the aftermath. The common after-lunch crash is due to a surge of glucose which gives us about 20 minutes of alertness followed by apathy and loss of energy and focus. This can be avoided by maintaining steady glucose levels through smaller, smarter meals and substantial snacks, like fruit, vegetables, and nuts. An additional method is to take a longer lunch break to give your body more time to digest. You may even be able to fit in a quick walk around the neighborhood to burn a few calories. 

The connecting factor for all of these strategies, and for many of the most successful and happy people, is balance. Sure, overeating, oversleeping, and overworking can provide the instant gratifications we crave but ultimately push consequences down the road for us to face later. Let's stop hitting the snooze button and get on the path to success!

Written by AdvantEdge Staff

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