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Crafting a Healthy Work Environment: Factors to Consider



More than eighty percent of Americans are sitting at least 8 hours per day, and this pattern is taking a monumental health toll on our bodies. Your office components- the furniture, the color, and even the lighting - each make a difference and leave an impact on your short term, and long term mental and physical wellness.

But it’s not all bad news, and with some simple steps, you can make your office a healthier place to work. Here are 3 ways you can take a stand (sometimes literally) against the harms of sedentary working:


Your healthy office needs furniture that can help you keep your posture, and this means choosing your chair with care. Arm rests and plush cushions can be misleading indicators of how good a chair is for your body. There are a number of ways to avoid the standard back-breaking office chair however, from ergonomic designs like the Haworth Zody, to removing the chair altogether with a standing desk. A standing desk allows you to increase blood flow, improve your focus, and speed up metabolism simply by ditching the chair you’ve been glued to and forcing you to move around.

Color scheme

The colors of your office also contribute to the mood and comfort level of your office. Smaller spaces need white or brighter colors, particularly if they don’t have windows. And even spaces with plenty of light can be brightened up with warmer shades, putting your mind at ease and reducing the stress of being in your office. If your walls are dreary and uninspiring; chances are that’s what you and your office mates will feel. Colors inflict an emotional response and can greatly affect mood. Warm, soft, natural colors create a calming environment, while harsh and more abrupt tones do just the opposite. Opt to cover with colors that you are drawn to, use them to brighten and electrify the room.


Happy employee, happy life… that’s the saying, right? Natural lighting (and the Vitamin D it provides) is proven to boost mood, fight stress and fatigue, and even improve overall demeanor. Being cramped inside with dim, green fluorescent lighting and no sign of the outside world is NOT the healthy choice. Even if you don’t have access to a window, try instead replacing your bulbs with full-spectrum tubes that divulge a more natural and similar effect to that of the great outdoors.

While you can’t always avoid being tied to your desk, you can at least make sure your office is optimized for your wellness. A simple change in your work environment could be the first step. We work with and for our clients to provide the office they want, with healthy space they need. From custom painted walls to offices bathed in natural light, if you’re looking for flexible office space that lets you set your terms and design how you want, give us a call!

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