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Host the Best Party With AdvantEdge Workspaces



When you think of a shared workspace, you probably picture cubicles and a watercooler. What you do not think of, most likely, are beautiful outdoor spaces, modern lounge areas, and high-tech, flexible rooms. AdvantEdge Workspaces is more than just a professional community and place to sit with your laptop- it can also be the location of your next party! 

Forgo traditional event venues and look to a shared workspace for your next gathering. Here are five ways you can host the best party of the year with AdvantEdge: 

1. Party Rain or Shine 

Shared workspaces have a plethora of spaces for any type of party. From cocktails to a small intimate gathering, there is an option for any theme and size. Party outside on a rooftop, taking in sweeping views of the city, with comfortable seating and plenty of shaded areas. Or, stay inside in an open lounge space or transform a meeting room into a small reception area.


2. Guidance and Coordination

With AdvantEdge you’ll have the support of client services coordinators to guide you through planning and day-of logistics. Schedule deliveries of items and catering straight to the space, and know that everything will be secure. Receive timely support for any questions or concerns, and have them coordinate with vendors. Plus, there will be a friendly face to welcome your guests into the event space. 

3. Take the Technology 

Do not bog down your event with troubleshooting technical issues. Have a gathering filled with a seamless high-tech experience. View videos, slideshows, or information on state-of-the-art screens. Dial in loved ones or long-distance friends with the latest conferencing systems, and blast your favorite tunes through the sound system. The right technology can certainly help take your event to the next level. 

4. Customized Experience 

In a shared workspace, you can have a blank canvas for your event. Bring in decor, food, activities, or anything else you need. With traditional venue spaces, there are limitations on what vendors you can pick and additional guidelines to follow. At AdvantEdge, you can fully customize the event experience.

5. Easy for Guests 


A shared workspace location provides your guest with the perfect experience. It is easy to get to the event with public transportation and convenient parking. All the facilities you need are on site, such as a kitchen and areas to freshen up. Every location is also fully accessible so guests can attend worry-free. 

This summer, host your best party yet with AdvantEdge! Contact us today to start planning your event. 

Stay Cool at AdvantEdge

Written by Juliana Levinson

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