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How a Serviced Workspace Can Help You Through the Holidays



A serviced workspace can help you through the busy holiday season. Between end of the year business and tying up loose ends before time off, you could use all the assistance possible! In a serviced workspace, the holidays can be an enjoyable time where you can truly unwind, instead of worrying if your office needs are taken care of. Here’s how your workspace can help make December the most wonderful time of year, even at work:

1. Extra Help

In a bind on a project? Need help meeting a deadline? In a serviced workspace, employees are available to lend a hand. Instead of outsourcing your work, at AdvantEdge, a client services coordinator can step in and help you complete a task or small project. From basic graphic design to website admin- if we can assist, let us know, and we are happy to put together a plan to get your project done in an efficient and timely manner!

2. Call Answering


This holiday season, you can feel good about taking time off and putting your phone on silent- or better yet, turning it off! A serviced workspace should provide custom call answering services so that even when you aren’t in the office, there is always a professional voice on the line to pick up and take a message. The front desk can direct calls, collect voicemails, and have an answering script just for your business.

3. Mail Services

When leaving the office, mail always seems to be an issue. Will too many pieces pile up? What if someone sends a surprise package? Checking mail can be the gateway to doing work over the holidays when you should be enjoying time off instead. A serviced workspace will continue to receive your mail while you are away and will store it in an organized and safe way. At AdvantEdge, you can even leave specific mailing instructions with reception, such as sending things out on certain days.

4. A Secure Space

When it comes to closing up an office for a few days, one usually has to worry about who left what in the fridge, if appliances need to be unplugged, emptying the trash, and making sure no one left their lights on. In a serviced workspace, you can count on us to keep things in top shape- plus, with utilities and cleaning service included, there is no need to spend precious work time running around your space double-checking light switches.

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Serviced workspaces are also secure. You can trust that your important documents, electronics, and personal items will go untouched. In a shared workspace, you enjoy the benefits of community while still having your private office, which means you can personally secure your items. AdvantEdge offers two locations, both of which are staffed and have high-tech security systems in place 24/7. With the right workspace, you can take time off while having peace of mind.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our office solutions come with top-notch service, first-class buildings, and countless amenities. We’ve got you covered so that you can truly enjoy your time off during the holidays and throughout the year. Contact us to see how switching to a serviced office space will allow you to finally enjoy that PTO!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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