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How to Be Less Lonely at Work


less-lonely-at workThe Valentine’s Day season: for some of us its about a romantic date night, for others it means stuffing our faces with a chocolate box and watching a movie at home. Whether you are weathering the holiday solo or with a partner, Valentine’s Day can bring up feelings of loneliness. As freelance and remote work is on the rise, the “loneliness epidemic” is growing. One way to feel less isolated? Joining a shared workspace!

According to the Harvard Business Review, 89% of people surveyed reported happier after joining a coworking space. 83% felt less lonely after making the same change. Coworking brings clients an uplifting work environment and a sense of community. Alleviating loneliness can also increase productivity and satisfaction at work. 80% of the people reported that they felt more motivated. When you are happier at work and surrounded by like-minded people, it radiates to all aspects of your job.

event-photo-chevy-chase-1Isolation is one of the most common complaints from people who work from home. Even if the full-time office life isn’t for you, it is nice to have the option of a space that you can drop into when you’re going stir crazy. Shared workspaces offer day or week-long office rentals. Or, do a monthly flexible coworking option where you can pop in and out as you please.

downtown coworking spaces with logoEven if you already work in a traditional office space, isolation and feeling lonely at work are still issues that many adults face. Bland cubicles and spaces where everyone goes into their office at 9 and does not come out until 5 create a closed-off environment. When people are only interacting in meeting rooms... something is wrong. On the other hand, some professions are inherently solitary. As a therapist or lawyer who sees clients all day, it is good to have a place to congregate and take breaks. A shared workspace allows for privacy while still provided those shared spaces that are perfect for making connections and recharging.

cc-lounge-4th-floor-seatingWith a shared workspace, you will be lonely no more! At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our team of client service coordinators create a professional and engaging environment. Every client enjoys their privacy, but there are many opportunities to come together as a community, such as at happy hour or just catching up over coffee in the lounge. Show yourself some love this Valentine’s Day and switch to a shared workspace!


Written by Juliana Levinson

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