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How to Build an Instagram Community!


instagram logoAuthor: Isabelle Leichtman 

According to the social analytics firm, Simply Measured, 40% of tops brands have started to use the Instagram as one of their top marketing strategies. In August 2012 the image-based social media site beat social media site Twitter in having the most daily mobile users, showing its rapidly growing popularity.  While it began as a fun way to share photos with friends and “followers,” it has quickly become a great advertising tool and a way for companies to show a different side of their business. Here are a few ways you can incorporate Instagram into your digital marketing strategy:

    • Show your product.  Taking creative shots of your products will engage users to look more in-depth into what your company is offering.  Whether it is a service or a tangible object, taking pictures at different angles or through different stages of creating your products is a fun and interesting way to show off your business.
    • Build your community.  Building a community is best done by being active and engaged.  Posting images frequently and responding to comments will attract and retain followers leading to a larger consumer base.  There are also various tools that will help businesses keep track of all of their followers’ comments and activity regarding your posts.  Some web-based tools to monitor your Instagram community include Statigram, Instagrid, Nitrogram, and Simply Measured.
    • Give previews to new products and/or upcoming events.  Taking snapshots of new products in the works or the flyer/email for an upcoming event is another way to get users involved it what your company is doing.  Letting users have a sneak peek at new things from your business will not only make readers feel that your company cares about the relationship it has with its customers but will also get users excited about the new products/events.
    • Introduce employees.  This can be a fun way to engage employees and allow users a personal view of your company.  Many customers like to know who they are buying from and putting a face to a name/title can build a level of trust and relatedness that can really help increase your customer-base.

Here are a few more innovative ways to show off your company and build your community on Instagram!

Written by Trey Jones

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