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How To Create Meetings That Work



The pandemic has forever changed the way we work- including conducting meetings. Many realized that events they used to travel for could easily translate to a video call. On the other hand, others saw the challenges of not being together in the same room and struggle to replace the collaboration remotely. Whatever camp you fall into, there is a way to create better meetings that work for you and your team.

1. Check the Guest List

Who attends a meeting is just as important as what is discussed. Too many people can disturb effective decision-making and discussion. Jeff Bezos has mentioned he has a “two pizza rule”- meaning that if you need to order two pizzas to feed everyone, your meeting is too big. Especially in a remote environment, too many squares on the Zoom screen can lead to people feeling distant and unable to get a word in. Abide by this rule and see how people feel more comfortable speaking up and coming to resolutions.

2. Remove the Table


The classic boardroom meeting table comes attached to a series of connotations about behavior and roles that do not always translate to the 21st-century workspace. Ditch the table altogether and try a more relaxed environment, such as a couch area. If the meeting does not require computers, try convening in the kitchen for five minutes or going for a walk. People will be more focused without electronics, and you’ll get to the point of the meeting quicker.

3. Use Technology

With the right technology the sky is the limit for whom you can connect with. Schedule a meeting with someone across the world, bring together teams from different time zones, or even let others stay in the comfort of their own homes even if you are in the same city. State-of-the-art video conferencing services will make you forget that you are looking at a screen. Save time and money while building relationships with the latest meeting technology.

4. Set the Tone


Each meeting has a different purpose and tone. As a leader, it is up to you to clue the team in on what to expect. Always start off by sending out a meeting invite with a brief description and attach relevant documents. For virtual sessions, let people know the expectations surrounding camera usage. Create a chat or document for each meeting (most email platforms will do this already) for the team to collaborate on notes and questions. Being transparent with your meeting style, expectations, and roles will create a smoother and pleasant experience for all involved parties.

We can all get to the point where meetings are not groan-inducing but rather productive parts of our day. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we work to build better meetings for our clients, whether it's in-person or a virtual collaboration connecting people across the world. With modern spaces, the latest technology, and the support of our client services coordinators, your meeting is destined for success. Come check out our variety of spaces today and together we can build a better meeting experience.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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