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How To Embrace Autumn at Work



With 90 degree days in the rearview mirror, it is safe to say autumn is officially here in D.C. The leaves are changing, and we are all embarking on this new season while still navigating the unprecedented nature of this year. Embracing autumn at work may seem trivial at first, but in these times, even the smallest things can spark joy and are worth doing. Here are four ways you can enjoy all that the season has to offer at work:

1. Decorate Your Space

pumpkin-decorating-advantedge-chevy-chase-pavilionPumpkin decorating contest at AdvantEdge Chevy Chase last year 

People are always excited to decorate for fall. You can makeover your workspace with some professional, low-key seasonal touches. A cinnamon broom can provide a festive scent and serve as a decorative piece in the corner. Small pumpkins or gourds are perfect for placing on your desk…just be sure to compost them when you are done. You can also visit the Target dollar section for small trinkets or decals to adorn a window or bookshelf. For Halloween fans, steer clear of gory displays, and instead place a bowl of holiday candy on your desk. Warning: you may get more visitors than usual!

2. Dress for Success

It’s difficult to know what to wear this time of year when it can be 50 degrees in the morning and 70s and sunny by lunchtime. We are all ready to put on sweaters after a humid summer but do not be too eager. Layers are the key to having a comfortable workday. Jackets are perfect transitional pieces to put over a button-down shirt or dress. You can also keep a blanket or scarf at your desk in case you need to bundle up on the way home!

3. Eat Seasonally

thanksgiving-advantedge-workspacesIt's fall.... have an entire pie for lunch! 

Spice up your work week lunches with seasonal dishes! Head to a local farm stand or take your family apple picking to stock up on what is fresh. Use apples in salads or make homemade apple sauce for a snack. Pumpkins are not just for carving- save the insides and roast the seeds for a delicious topping to any meal. Additionally, squash, carrots, broccoli, and brussels sprouts can be roasted for an easy sheet pan meal. In autumn, there is no need to dread opening your lunch bag!

4. Take a Day Off

You deserve to take some time off for yourself this season! As many of us head into a long weekend, we realize just how valuable one day can be. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, support from staff ensures that you can mentally check-out for the day without a worry. Head out to a pumpkin patch, corn maze, or to see some fall foliage and let us take care of your calls and mail!

Embrace autumn at work with AdvantEdge Workspaces! Before the temperatures fall, get settled in at a workspace that allows you to live your best life- from decorating your office to administrative support that lets you focus on what matters most. Tour our spaces today to make this season the best one yet at work!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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