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How to Fall in Love with Your Workspace Again



Tuning back into work after summer Fridays, vacation time, and fun in the sun can be hard. September brings the perfect chance to “fall” in love again with your workspace! Whether you’ve been in your space for three months or three years, it can be tiring seeing the same things and people every day. Here are four easy tips to refresh your workspace experience!

1. Bring in Nature


There are many benefits of looking at greenery throughout the day. A study at Exeter University concluded that people had improved moods and attention spans when plants were around. Try succulents for a low maintenance plant! Even known plant killers claim they are easy to take care of and add a unique touch to any space.

2. Change Your Perspective

Change your perspective… literally! Just having a different viewpoint from your desk can make the office feel brand new. If you’re short on space, try moving around chairs or cabinets. Another way to change your perspective is to add new elements, such as a colorful throw pillow or a piece of art on your wall.

3. Step Outside of the Comfort Zone


Falling in love with your workspace again means meeting people who make you look forward to getting to work! Say hi to the person you always see at the coffee machine or attend a workspace event and chat up the first new face you see. Even if you're already the workspace socialite, new friends always add a fresh energy to any work environment.

4. Embrace the Season

The weather may be cooler, but fall is just as fun as the season the precedes it. Visit a local farmers market and pick up a pumpkin for decoration. Also, try a seasonal candle from Bath & Body Works to make your space cozy! Outside of your personal office, celebrate the season with a fall themed happy hour. Make some mulled wine, serve apple cider donuts, and hold a pumpkin carving contest for an office gathering that won’t disappoint!

It’s easy to fall in love again with your workspace at AdvantEdge! Our flexible spaces allow you to refresh your office whenever you need to. Community events help form new connections and maintain old ones. With a shared workspace, going to the office never gets boring! Tour our spaces today and see how you can fall in love with your workspace at AdvantEdge.

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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