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How to Find the Best Promo Items for Your Business



Promotional items and other branded tools are an amazing resource for spreading the word about your business and keeping it at the top of people’s minds. However, selecting the right item is essential- the wrong item can send the wrong message. You’ll want something unique, eye-catching, useful, and brand-right. Below we’ve rounded up some of the top items that can make your business a standout.


This category has grown in popularity as awareness of living sustainably rises. With all the individual packaging, promo items can be inherently wasteful. Try to choose a company that offers recycled packaging or other eco-friendly benefits, such as being made in the U.S. to reduce the travel footprint. Some great sustainable products to put your logo on include reusable straws, canvas totes (to eliminate plastic bags), reusable utensil sets, and even pencils that have seeds in the cap and can be planted into herbs!

Office Items

People can always use a new office item! Things such as phone holders and laptop camera covers are unique and have a premium feel. People are either going to take things that they always need more of (like pens) or snag an item that fills a need. Other great office promo items include hand sanitizer (especially during the flu season), highlighters, rulers, cord holders, and sticky notes.



This is a catch-all category for items that are just generally trendy. Bright, die-cut stickers are always a hit, phone pockets or pop sockets are popular, and everyone could always use an extra water bottle on hand. Also, think about mixing in more “premium” items such as chapstick, mugs, phone chargers, and hats.

You should also directly tie your promo items to your business. Are you involved with real estate? Provide branded measuring tapes or keychain flashlights to new tenants. If you’re in the mental health profession, provide stress balls. Work in foodservice? Provide wine or beer bottle openers. The possibilities are endless- just make sure that your item corresponds to your brand, as you’ll want it to jog someone’s memory every time they see or use it.

At the end of the day, your promo items also need to make sense for your audience. Know your demographics and do research on what is most popular with those groups. The key is to have people say “wow I needed one of these” or “these are so useful I could use another” when catching sight of your business at networking events, conventions, and more. 

Promo items, when done right, are a valuable marketing tool that can help elevate your business. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, our items speak to our commitment to wellness in the workplace and providing first class service and office space solutions to our clients. What will your promo items say about you?

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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