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How to Have Your Healthiest Year yet at Work


Maintaining wellness resolutions can be challenging, especially with busy work schedules. It seems like we are constantly striving to make time for workouts, eat better, and get eight hours of sleep. Aiming to live a healthier life doesn’t only have to happen outside of the 9-5. Your workday can become the foundation for your healthiest year yet! With the right tools and mindset, time at the office can help you achieve those wellness goals for good.

1. Workout at Work

In 2020, set your phone aside and make the most of your lunch hour! Seek out a workspace that provides access to a gym or offers in-house workout classes. If you have to leave the building, try ClassPass to see what workout you like best near your office. Gym workouts are ideal for the middle of the day because the facilities will typically include showers and full-service locker rooms to freshen up.

IMG_2533To make the transition from workout to work easy, chose light, flexible, and uncomplicated clothing. You’ll want to avoid fabrics that wrinkle to ensure that as you switch looks, everything remains professional and in place.

2. Elevate Your Desk

Your physical workspace should align with your health goals. Give yourself a boost by investing in an ergonomic chair or an attachment that will help support your back and promote better posture. You can even get rid of the chair altogether and opt for an aerobic ball or standing desk.

3. Move!

Our bodies were not meant for sitting eight hours a day. Whenever possible, get some movement in. Take a call as you walk around the block or buy an under the desk peddler to keep that heart rate up as you type. Even standing up and stretching between tasks, or doing a lap around your workspace before a meeting will have an impact in the long run.

4. Get Competitive

Almost everyone has fitness trackers or smartwatches these days- so what better way to get motivated to move than with an office step or workout challenge? Face off against your coworkers (or workspace) to see who can do the most steps each week. You can also do a challenge for the most workouts in a month, how many miles people ran, etc. Fitness challenges can be whatever you want them to be. Add in a paid day off or gift card as the winning prize and people will get up from their chair every chance they get!

5. Meal Prep


Meal prepping isn’t about fancy storage containers and perfect looking Instant Pot creations. It’s about being intentional with your food purchases and planning ahead to save time and money, create less waste, and make your workday easier and healthier. Start with just one thing, like snacks or breakfasts, and work your way up to lunches and even dinners to avoid the allure of takeout after a hectic day. Something as simple as portioning out bags of trail mix or chopping vegetables have the ability to streamline your mornings and make healthy options the easiest thing to reach for when hunger strikes.

A workspace should strive to create an environment where employees can be their healthiest selves. At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we work to provide our clients with the wellness tools they need. Our meeting spaces transform into yoga studios for convenient workout classes and both locations are close to a myriad of boutique fitness establishments. Each space is customizable to your needs, so adding in a standing desk, or having a place to roll out a mat for an impromptu workout is always an option. Come visit us today to see how you can have your healthiest year yet with AdvantEdge!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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