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How To Host a Party at AdvantEdge Workspaces



Who says workspaces are only for working? Many of the offices you see during the day have amazing areas that can be transformed after-hours into the perfect party space. Cost-effective, unique, and flexible- here is why a workspace is the perfect destination for hosting your next event!

1. Set the Scene

Choosing the right space is key. You’ll want something accessible so that people aren’t already frustrated when they walk in the door. Also, the space should be clean, modern, easy to find, and have all the amenities. A venue can look cool, but if your guests are not comfortable, then it is not the right choice.

Additionally, you’ll want options for hosting, ranging from outdoor to indoor spaces. At AdvantEdge, set up on the roof to enjoy stunning downtown views and a beautiful sunset. Outdoor tables and furniture are readily available, and an open rooftop means space for everyone on the guest list. Too cold outside? Take things indoors and transform any meeting room or lounge area into the event space of your dreams. No one will know that this is a workspace with modern furniture, trendy lighting, and customizable configurations.

In a shared workspace, you take the space and make it your own!

2. Fantastic Food

Not everything needs to revolve around a meal, but offering a selection of food items for people to nosh on is a must for any successful party. At AdvantEdge, you can bring your own food, provide snacks, or set up catering from one of the hundreds of amazing local D.C. establishments nearby. Full stomachs, can’t lose!

3. Customize 

In a workspace, you can decorate however you’d like without restrictions on vendors. Bring in balloons, decor pieces, and even activities such as carnival games or a photo booth.

A good hostess knows that details are what bring an event together. Small touches like nice name tags, place cards, or favors to take home always leave a lasting impression. Customization separates a party from a run-of-the-mill gathering to an event that people will never forget.


4. Have Support

The biggest mistake people make when planning is doing it all themselves. Support is the key to your sanity and a successful party. Choose a space where someone can help from start to finish. Things like printing out menus, meeting the caterer, or setting up water, can drive you crazy when you’re in the moment. Make sure you have a coordinator who is there to make your life easier!

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we ensure your party will go off without a hitch. Our client service coordinators assist with logistics and set-up, while our spaces are inviting, modern, and fun. Click below to learn more about hosting your next party with AdvantEdge!

Contact us to book your special event

Written by Juliana Levinson

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