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How To Host a Successful Virtual Happy Hour



It’s time to gather your coworkers around a virtual bar! Many companies rely on happy hours to bring employees together to connect and have fun. Just because we are all still social distancing does not mean that we cannot partake in these events online. Here are three tips for hosting a successful virtual happy hour, no matter who your audience is.

1. Make It Accessible


Virtual happy hours should take into account everyone’s different situations. Some may not be able to find childcare at night, others may not be drinking- the list goes on. Before setting a date, send a survey to all attendees with multiple date options and include a section where people can write in any barriers they may have to participating. It is easier to create an inclusive space that truly can bring your community together when you know what people need.

2. Plan an Activity

Time passes differently over video chat, and having an activity to do with others can be the answer to avoiding awkward pauses. Best for smaller groups, look into doing a personalized wine or beer tasting. Local shops may be offering options and if you’re feeling global, check out Airbnb experiences to have a foreign host walk you through international flavors. Not only will people expand their pallets, but they will also be more excited to attend in the first place.

For close-knit teams, try Jackbox games. There are different options, such as murder-mystery trivia or an Apples to Apples style game. Being able to answer from a smartphone makes it user friendly, and it’s guaranteed to bring the laughs.

If you’re looking to host a large happy hour, consider utilizing Zoom breakout rooms. You can ask attendees questions beforehand to divide by interests or randomize the picks. Breakout rooms better facilitate discussions and allow for networking, eliminating the struggle to get a word in on a large call.

3. Got Themes?


When going virtual, it takes a bit more effort to make your event stand out. A good ole’ theme party is always a hit. Encourage people to dress to the theme or to create unique Zoom backgrounds. It increases the level of festivity while also giving attendees a conversation starter.

You can also do drink themes. Have everyone make their own cocktail, or bring their favorite local wine or beer. Want to take themes to the next level? Ask everyone to dress up! Halloween is only two months away, after all. Easy themes examples are a beach party or decades- the purpose of a theme is to help people let loose, not to cause a costume shopping headache.

At AdvantEdge Workspaces, we’ve enjoyed being able to bring our community together through virtual happy hours. It always feels good to see familiar faces, even if it’s through a screen. Want to be a part of the next one? Click below to learn more about what shared workspaces solution is right for you!

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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