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How To Love Your Workspace



February is associated with love thanks to the 14th. We buy flowers and heart-shaped chocolates for those nearest and dearest to us. But this season, another item should be on that list. Your workspace. You might think it’s crazy to love where you sit and do work, but enjoying your office can be an important part of overall happiness and satisfaction. If you are staring at blank white walls and counting down the hours until five, here are some things you can do to love your workspace: 

1. Use a Shared Workspace 


The best way to love your workspace is to share it with others, either in a coworking room or using a private office while enjoying the amenities and opportunities that come with a larger community. Take a tour of AdvantEdge to learn more about this workspace solution, and click here for seven reasons why you’ll love this type of office. 

2. Prioritize Self-Care 

Incorporating small self-care elements into your day is essential. Your workspace should support you taking a break with features such as proximity to parks, lounge areas to unwind, quiet rooms, and fitness amenities. Being able to go for a quick run, take a meditation class, have a clean space to make your lunch, and a private area to collect your thoughts can make a world of a difference during a typical workday. If you don’t know where to start, we have seven tips for indulging in self-care at work. 

3. Do Something New 

Sometimes you just have to switch up your perspective and do something new! Plan a team outing, attend a community event, or strike up a conversation with someone over coffee. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is a great way to shift your mindset around being in the office. Especially in a shared workspace, you never know who you may meet, what you’ll learn, or which activity you may enjoy the most. 

4. Spruce It Up 


Fall in love with your workspace by changing up how it looks! In a shared workspace, you get all the perks of a big office setting and amenities while still having the freedom to decorate and design as you wish. Paint the walls a different color, hang art or pictures that inspire you, and add some plants (even the fake ones work)! Do not be afraid to make the office space work for you. Ditch run-of-the-mill furniture and get an ergonomic chair or even a cycling desk. Add in a couch or cozy lounger for when you want to be more relaxed. As long as you are in a workspace where you can make changes, get creative to ensure your office is serving you.  

Ready to love your workspace every day? AdvantEdge clients have been raving about their spaces for decades. Take a tour today! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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