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How To Make a Great First Impression at Work



First impressions are not everything, but they can make a huge difference in the workplace. Ensuring your personal presence and physical space send the right message to others can be the first step in building successful partnerships and growing your business. Here are a few extra tips and tricks for wowing guests, colleagues, and clients at the office: 

1. Grand Entrance 

First impressions start before your interaction with someone. You’ll want to ensure a seamless experience of getting to and locating the workspace. Look for office spaces with easy access to parking garages and public transit. Provide clear directions for where to find elevators and what floor to go to. A frustrating journey to get to the office can instantly throw off first impressions before you have even met someone. 


Serviced office space is the best solution for making a great first impression on guests. Clean, modern lobbies provide a welcoming feel, and a friendly face at the front desk will be there to assist them. Offering coffee or tea is a nice touch and allows guests to take a breather before the meeting. 

2. Personalized Space 

Everyone knows what a standard cubicle looks like. Spruce up your space with personalized touches that reflect your personality and work! A great first impression includes a nicely put-together space with pieces that inspire and help spark conversation. Click here to learn more about how to outfit your workspace! 

3. Keep Up Appearances

In a shared workspace, you can always trust that common areas will look fresh and clean. Upkeep of these spaces is included, so you can have time back to focus on your work instead of worrying about if the lobby looks nice. On a personal note, private office space within the workspace allows you to keep everything you need on hand to make a great impression, such as a change of clothes or hanging certifications on the wall. 

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At AdvantEdge Workspaces, it is easy to make a great first impression. Simply show up and be yourself, and let us handle the rest. With high-end office space solutions, friendly staff, and amenities, your guests won’t want to leave! 

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Written by Juliana Levinson

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